Registering Your Internship

Planning a career experience takes time and commitment on your part. Resumes must be sent and interviews arranged. The process may require you to compete with students from other colleges and universities for co-ops and internships.

To help ensure your success, start planning weeks ahead of time by making an appointment with us so we can assist you with the internship process – during pre-registration if possible.

Internship & Co-op Application

Register Your Internship

Please complete and attach the following supplemental forms to the above Etrieve electronic form to complete your registration.

  • Data & Learning Objectives Form (.pdf)
    To be completed showing your internship site information. Please fill it out completely and send it in as soon as you have this information.
  • Academic Agreement Form (.pdf)
    To be completed with the faculty coordinator outlining the final project and guidelines. Must be signed by the faculty coordinator and the student. Please return the form to the Coop office prior to starting a final project.
  • Internship Agreement Form (.pdf)
    To be read and signed by the student prior to the beginning of the internship experience.

Additional Forms

Internships at a Glance

Internships are generally worth 3 credits and students must complete 150 hours at their internship site over at least 10 weeks. When you start exploring internships, here are a few things to consider:

  • Where is it? Do you need transportation? Can you do this remotely?
  • What does your course schedule look like? Do you have 2-3 days to dedicate 5-7 hours to?
  • Will they pay you and how much?
  • Are the projects/assignments enough to keep you busy for all 150 hours?
  • Do you have a resume? If you have one, please make sure a staff member reviews it with you!

Obtaining an Internship

If you are interested in an internship or co-op opportunity, these steps will guide you through the application process.

Browse Handshake, LinkedIn, and Indeed. Write down a few that catch your eye and keep track of them in an excel spreadsheet to stay organized.

Reach out to them by visiting the office or scheduling an appointment on Handshake. Discuss your options, review your resume, and notify your advisor about your search.

Apply to your list of internships. Make sure to personalize your cover letter for each internship you apply to.

Conduct a Mock Interview with the Career Services staff beforehand. Stop by the Colonel’s Clothes Closet to dress your best. Research the company and bring resume to the interview.

Send a thank you email to the interviewers. Kindly decline internships you do not want and accept the one you want. Notify the internship contact to begin paperwork.

Internship meetings at the beginning of the semester are mandatory to help you fill out your  paperwork and begin the internship process. The diversity paper will be discussed here. 

All of the following must be completed and submitted: assigned work at your internship site,  assignments from your faculty coordinator, paperwork for CPE 300 on LIVE, Diversity Paper.

What Else?

If you are a Hospitality and Leadership or Accounting major, you need to complete 170 hours for three credits.

After you notify the internship contact that you have obtained an internship, you will be sent information about:

  • Hours required for credit
  • Mandatory internship meeting date & time.
  • Being added to the CPE 300 course, a zero-credit-bearing course on D2L
    that houses all required internship paperwork.
    • The only assignment you hand into this course is the diversity paper, unless
      told otherwise by your faculty coordinator.

Please note that the internship course is not automatically added to your course schedule. It will take 3-5 business days because the internship contact, faculty coordinator, and faculty chair must all approve in that order. After this, the registrar will manually add it to your schedule.