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Through a mix of in-demand undergraduate, master’s and terminal degree programs, Wilkes encourages our students to explore whatever they find interesting. With academic expertise, dedicated mentoring and unwavering support, our faculty and staff inspire students to define success on their own terms. We give people the chance to take risks, explore new facets of themselves and create the lives they want.

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College of Arts and Sciences

Within the College of Arts and Sciences, students are challenged to develop critical thinking skills, enrich their written and oral communication, foster their research skills and cultivate a sense of civic responsibility. It’s the perfect combination of practical skill building, personal development and engagement with diverse subjects to prepare for a variety of career paths.

College of Business and Engineering

In today’s technology-driven and rapidly evolving world, we need people who can lead, problem solve, and think critically more than ever. The College of Business and Engineering fosters these in-demand skills in students to create tomorrow’s business leaders and engineers.

College of Health and Education

Do you feel destined to pursue a career where you get to help others? Whether you see yourself as part of a medical team caring for patients or in a classroom teaching the next generation, the College of Health and Education can help you get there.


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Hands-On Research

Undergraduate research is a priority at Wilkes. You'll find opportunities here that only exist for graduate students at other universities. You'll work together with faculty members, making discoveries with real-world implications, preparing for a meaningful career.

Research at Wilkes

Professor Abas Sabouni instructs a lab with students

Supporting Your Success

At Wilkes, we want you to succeed. The Office of Academic Success is here to provide advising, coaching, disability support, and more.

Academic Support at Wilkes