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As a liberal arts institute, Wilkes University values scholars who are broadly trained, critical thinkers and skilled communicators. The Study Abroad Office works to give all students opportunities to have experiences abroad, whether these experiences are a week, summer, or semester long. The Study Abroad Office is here for you!

Office Mission and Goals

The mission of the Wilkes University Study Abroad Office is to encourage and support study abroad experiences that are safe, immersive and academically sound.

The goals of the Study Abroad Office are to:

What is the student exchange program?

Wilkes University hosts students from all over the world! In return, the student exchange program allows Wilkes students to visit host institutions at the same cost as at Wilkes.

Spain | University of Navarra

Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona Spain. This program offers courses in business, economics, management and agriculture. Courses are in English and Spanish. You can even take Spanish 101 there as well! Applications for the Fall semester start in early May and end in June.

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Colombia | Icesi University

ICESI University is a private university in Cali, Colombia and offers courses in business, natural sciences, humanities and health. Courses are in Spanish but this internationalized campus has students from all over the world.

UK | University of Wales at Trinity St. David

University of Wales at Trinity Saint David (UWTSD) in the United Kingdom has several campuses that are available to students. This program offers courses in business, education, cultural studies, history, creative writing, social justice, sports health, outdoor education, environmental science, and many more. UWTSD offers a pick up at airport, cultural trips, housing (information here), and academic services. Interested students work with the Wilkes University Study Abroad Director and academic advisor to select courses within one area. Deadline for the Fall semester is May 1 and October 1 for the Spring semester. Please note that majors and classes in the UK are referred to as courses and modules, respectively. A Tier 4 Visa might be required but these rules change often.

UK | University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham, England offers a study abroad program with a long-standing reputation for attracting high quality students from across the world. The University of Birmingham offers a wide array of courses in engineering, environmental science, biology, business, and many more (information on majors available here). Please note that majors and classes in the UK are referred to as courses and modules, respectively. A Tier 4 Visa might be required but these rules change often.

Dominican Republic | Universidad Iberoamicana (UNIBE)

UNIBE is a private university located in the heart of Santo Domingo. Classes across a wide range of curricula are offered in both Spanish and English.

For more information on these programs and how to apply, contact Dr. Andreea Maierean at

Costa Rica

Drs. Andrew Miller and Jeff Stratford (3 credits + spring break trip)

Every spring, Drs. Miller and Stratford teach a course related to Costa Rica. In even years, they teach Political Economy and Ecology of Coffee. This course examines macroeconomics, regional politics, ecology, and tropical conservation using coffee as an example. In odd years, they teach Ecotourism and Ecology in Costa Rica. These courses meet for 3 hours/week and have a week long experience in Costa Rica.

Vienna, London, Kent, Beckenham, extension to Amsterdam

Dr. Robert Bohlander (3 credits, meets once/week)

 Explore the origins of psychology in Europe and investigate the sensational role that Freud played in the late 19th century. An Austrian native and graduate of the esteemed University of Vienna, Freud's groundbreaking ideas around psychoanalysis were most influential in London. A short stroll through Freud's home reveals how he and the likes of Carl Jung changed the face of the doctor-patient relationship. Students can do the tour and then take PSY 398 History of Psychology in Europe course the spring.

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Tropical Ecology

Dr. Jeff Stratford

BIO 398 (3 credits for course and trip and 1 credit for trip only)

During the semester, students will learn about ecological and conservation issues related to the tropics. This course covers lowland rainforest, seasonal tropical forests, paramo (high altitude) vegetation, coral reefs, and mangrove forests. Throughout semester, students will be introduced to various foods native to Latin America. At the end of the semester, one week will be spent in lowland forest and another week in a different habitat (the Galapagos Islands, for instance). This course runs every 3 to 4 years. Estimated cost: $4500.

Munich, Zurich, Vienna

Dr. Wagiha Taylor

BA 464 International Business Experience
Spring Break – (3 credits) variety of European countries.

The International Business trip is offered in the spring semester. You will explore business strategies and cultures of the countries visited; which will introduce you to an exciting learning opportunity.


Dr. Paola Bianco

SP 298/398 (6 credits)

This experience combines classroom and experiential learning in Cuzco, Peru. Spanish curriculum is customized to match individual learning goals associated with the experiential learning choice. Students are able to participate in a variety of opportunities including ESL, health sciences, and child services. Excursions to Machu Pichu, Rainbo Mountains and more! Course runs every other year. Estimated cost is $2700 including flight.


Dr. Gina Zanolini Morrison

HST 298: Malaysia’s Modernity (3 credits)

Steeped in tradition yet technologically advanced, multicultural Malaysia is the ideal place to study a non-western but English-speaking culture. This 3-credit semester long course concludes with an optional 2-week faculty-led trip [at an extra fee] that includes the futuristic capital Kuala Lumpur, the relaxing beaches of Penang, the elephant reserve, holy caves, temples and mosques—and 3 days in the oldest primary rainforest on earth.  Students have described the experience as “unforgettable” and “eye-opening.”

The process of studying abroad is simple yet timing is crucial and planning should be done as soon as possible. Discuss your study abroad interests with your advisor and come up with a list of courses that can be taken while abroad. Bring the list to the Study Abroad director and have an estimate of how much you can afford (keeping in mind that some semester experiences are less expensive than being on campus!). You will be given a number of options and then decide. Also consider any health issues while abroad - your study location may not have a pharmacy on corner - please consult your doctor.

The next steps will be to

  • get a passport and determine if your host school requires a VISA (most do not for a summer or semester experience)
  • apply to program of interest
  • get clearances from the Wilkes University Study Affairs office (final clearances are at the discretion of the Study Abroad office)
  • complete the Request to Transfer Credit form (available here)
  • request to add SA 000 for 0 credits (abroad with a partner) or 12 credits (abroad through exchange)
  • pay the $75 study abroad fee
  • request to travel abroad through the Study Abroad Office and register with Terra Dotta
  • determine if you need any vaccinations and get them at least two weeks before travel (see

Summer and Semester Abroad

(without Wilkes Faculty)

Global | American Institute for Foreign Study

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) offers study abroad programs during the semester, summer and winter break, including internships and volunteer opportunities in more than 20 countries

Global | The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University offers courses, internships, and research opportunities around the globe.

Global | CAPA The Global Education Network

CAPA The Global Education Network offers courses and internships in 7 international locations. Wilkes students receive a $600 scholarship off semester programs and $300 scholarship off summer programs.

Global | International Studies Abroad

International Studies Abroad (ISA) offers courses around the world. All Wilkes students receive a $200 scholarship. 

Spain and Peru | Dr. Paola Bianco

6 credits transferable to Wilkes University. Courses can be used to fulfill Spanish Concentration. Please contact Dr. Bianco for more information. The Spain experience requires a Consortium Agreement form if a student is requesting financial aid. Both Spain and Peru experiences require the Request-to-Tranfer-Credit form to be completed.

Past Study Abroad Trips

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