How to Apply

Finding a Program

The most important decision in selecting your study abroad experience is to know your study abroad goals. Do you want to immerse yourself in a new culture? Do you want to learn a new language?

Costs and Budget

Next, consider your budget. Summer faculty-led trips can be very reasonable but are short-term. The most reasonable semester abroad option is the student exchange program. You go to one of our partner programs at the cost you go to Wilkes University. You would only pay for living and travel expenses and credits seamlessly transfer to Wilkes You can also go through a partnering university to go abroad but you would pay their tuition. Lastly, you can go to an institution of your choice but we need to check on accreditation, check each course syllabus, and make sure the institution is safe. 

Courses and Application

Once you find a host university or two, find the courses they offer and see if they are electives or count toward your major. Consult your academic advisor and come up with a list of possible courses. Next, notify the study abroad director and fill out a study abroad application and related forms. Then contact the study abroad director at the host university and apply to their program. Be aware deadlines are often several months prior to the start of the semester.