Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee meets to discuss and approve changes to the Wilkes University curriculum.

  • Lori Cooper (Chair)
  • Patricia Sweeney (Secretary)
  • Brent Young
  • Xiaoming Mu
  • Linda Winkler
  • Brenda Gruver
  • Sean Kelly
  • Ge Xiao


The Curriculum Committee normally meets the third Tuesday of each month at 11 a.m.

The meeting is open to all Wilkes University faculty members who wish to attend via Zoom. To join the meeting:
  • Log in to the Wilkes Portal.
  • Select the "Faculty" tab.
  • Find the Curriculum Committe section and use the Zoom link provided.

The final meeting of the CC is April. All proposals must be submitted to the chair of the CC by the second Tuesday of April.  Individuals or programs unable to meet the April deadline for a proposal must submit a "request for late proposal submission" form to the CC (see bottom of page). This form is due to the chair of curriculum by the second Tuesday in April.

Submitting Proposals

Follow the directions below to submit your proposals.

Individuals should feel free to contact the Chair of the Curriculum Committee before submission to discuss the proposal or ask questions.

New Curriculum Proposals

  • Download the proposal submission form. If multiple forms are needed (course addition, course deletion, etc), simply copy and paste additional forms into this packet. Any unnecessary forms should be deleted from the packet before submissions.
  • Prior to submitting to Curriculum, appropriate signatures are to be obtained, including Chairs and Deans of programs that are directly affected by the proposal and the Registrar.  Significant revisions to a program require review and approval by the Provost.  The Provost will determine if review and approval by APC is needed.
  • Proposals are due to the Chair of Curriculum on the 2nd Tuesday of the month to be considered for review by the committee that month.  The Curriculum Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at 11:00 a.m. Please note that the April meeting is reserved only for items needing attention impacting the following fall semester.
  • One fully signed version of the proposal should be sent to the chair of the Curriculum Committee by the due date noted above.  In addition, a scanned PDF version should be emailed to the chair of the Curriculum Committee.  
  • If approved by Curriculum, the proposal will be made available to the full faculty for a vote at the next full faculty meeting. Incidental changes are passed by the Curriculum Committee and announced at full faculty meeting (no vote necessary).
  • A representative of the originating department may be present at the Curriculum Committee meeting and at faculty meeting when the proposal is presented to answer any questions.  (This is not necessary for incidental changes).
Please note that new programs, program eliminations, and significant program and general education revisions must be reviewed by the Provost and as appropriate, the Academic Planning Committee and the General Education Committee prior to submission to the Curriculum Committee. Please review the faculty handbook for more detailed information.