Teacher Recognition and Effectiveness Committee

The Teacher Recognition and Effectiveness Committee (TREC) oversees eleven awards announced to the faculty and staff at the annual TREC awards ceremony at the end of the spring semester.

The committee is comprised of elected members of the faculty at Wilkes University. The committee responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring and recommending changes in procedures for gathering information on the teaching effectiveness and other areas of faculty evaluation
  • Coordinating and recommending procedures for the selection of annual awards
  • Evaluating and nominating candidates for the awards listed below
  • Planning and hosting the annual TREC awards ceremony

Committee Members, 2023-2024

Members of TREC are not eligible to receive any of the awards offered.

Award Nominations

  • Nomination period opens November 27, 2023 and closes January 26, 2024.
  • Nominations should be submitted via the online TREC Award form
  • Anyone in the Wilkes community can nominate eligible candidates for any TREC award
  • Self-nominations are allowed

Award Descriptions & Requirements

The academic support award recognizes non-faculty support personnel who facilitate classroom activities, laboratory activities or coordination of experiential learning opportunities. Nominees must demonstrate leadership and have a direct impact on student learning.

All non-faculty support personnel at Wilkes are eligible for the award.

Awarded to an adjunct instructor who demonstrates excellence in teaching through innovative practices, forming relationships with students and/or contributing to the school/university. Those who are in the classroom part-time (including staff and administrators) are eligible for nomination.

The alumni mentoring award is given annually to a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in maintaining Wilkes' mentoring culture with University alumni.

Nominations are made by Wilkes’ alumni. In the provided area for the letter of support, alumni must provide their graduation year, e-mail address, the name and department of nominee (professor), and a statement that describes how the nominee continues to serve as a mentor.

The Carpenter Award was established in 1985 by the Donald Fell Carpenter family to recognize excellence in teaching and to reward and retain “the Best Educators” as faculty at Wilkes University. Donald F. Carpenter established the award while serving as a member of the Wilkes College Board of Trustees. Mr. Carpenter had a long and distinguished career at the DuPont Corporation, and in government as deputy to Secretary of Defense James Forrestal.  The Carpenter family has long been associated with scholarships and Musical Arts activities in the Wyoming Valley.

The Carpenter Award is given annually to recognize an outstanding faculty member for their excellence in teaching and student-centered research/projects at Wilkes University. This is the highest award offered by TREC.

Eligible persons include faculty members who have been full time employees of the university for at least seven years.

Carpenter Award winners will receive a plaque, framed certificate and $1,000 increase to base salary. Award winner will serve as the keynote speaker for the Wilkes University Winter Commencement.

The innovative/non-traditional teaching award is given annually to recognize a faculty or staff member who successfully incorporates innovative and/or non-traditional strategies into at least one or more classes.

The interdisciplinary award is given annually to recognize an individual or cross-disciplinary team who demonstrates outstanding initiatives in the classroom or through research to further the ideals of interdisciplinary learning.

Eligibility is open to all full-time and part-time faculty who have been engaged in an interdisciplinary project, course pairing or cross-disciplinary team.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a special award to recognize a longtime member of the Wilkes community who has made an impact amongst colleagues and students throughout their whole career at Wilkes University.

Eligible persons include faculty or staff members who have been full time employees of the university for at least 15 years.

The multiculturalism award is given annually to recognize an outstanding member of the Wilkes community who demonstrates leadership in the advancement of diversity and multiculturalism ideals in the classroom, the community and study abroad efforts. All Wilkes University employees are eligible for the award.

The outstanding advisor award is given annually to recognize a faculty member who inspires and provides mentorship to students.

The outstanding new faculty award is given annually and recognizes the outstanding contributions of a junior member of the Wilkes University faculty.

Eligibility is limited to all full-time and part-time faculty members who are not adjunct faculty, in his or her 2nd or 3rd year of full-time or part-time teaching at Wilkes University and demonstrates outstanding initiatives in and/or outside of the classroom.

Awarded to a member of the faculty or staff who demonstrates commendable success in the area of research and scholarly activity. All past work will be considered, but more emphasis will be placed on research done within the past five years that influences Wilkes University and its students.

All full and part-time members of the faculty and staff who conduct their own research are eligible for nomination.