University Committees

Academic Planning Committee

In pursuit of the Wilkes University mission, the charge of the APC is to serve three functions:

  1. To monitor and advise on the shape of the university’s academic portfolio in the context of the university’s strategic plan; and ensure that new programs are consistent with the university’s Mission, Vision and Values as articulated.
  2. To advise on the academic and fiscal feasibility of new programs and/or significant existing program changes within the context of the university academic program portfolio mix; and
  3. To communicate throughout the university and coordinate academic program portfolio changes by defining, developing, and communicating procedures and criteria for proposals for significant new program additions or changes.

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Admissions and Financial Aid Committee

The Admissions and Financial Aid (AFA) Committee is tasked to review and recommend changes in the rules and standards related to admissions, financial aid, scholarships, and faculty participation in admissions activities for all undergraduate programs. The committee is comprised of six full-time faculty members that serve from September to May and meet on a monthly basis. The committee reports to the faculty at large.

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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee receives and evaluates all curriculum proposals for undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs with credit-bearing courses as discussed in the Faculty Handbook. The Committee transmits recommendations to the full faculty for action to include, reject, amend, or approve at monthly faculty meetings during the academic year.

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General Education Committee

The General Education Committee is charged with reviewing all core courses and recommending changes to the core to the full faculty.

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Library Committee

The Library Committee provides advice, support, and acts as a liason for faculty, departments, and the University Librarian on matters of the role of the Library in academic learning, budgeting, collection development, bibliographic instruction, automation, circulation, and reference services. Academic departments have responsibility for the quality of their collections.

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Teacher Recognition and Effectiveness Committee (TREC)

Each year, the teaching recognition and effectiveness committee (TREC) oversees awards announced to the faculty and staff at the annual TREC Awards Ceremony. Join us in our efforts to recognize excellence and professionalism at Wilkes University by making a nomination for one of the awards.  Each fall, awards are presented to the previous year’s award winners. TREC notifies award winners by letter through campus mail by June 30 of each academic year.

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Workplace Safety Committee

The Environmental Health and Safety Committee reports, monitors or consults on the following:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan and Policy
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Laboratory Safety Upgrades
  • General Laboratory Safety Manual
  • Chemical Waste Labels
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan Template
  • Chemical Inventory Sheet Template
  • Chemical SOP Template
  • General Use SOP Template
  • Injury - Incident Report
  • Chemical Waste Management Practice
  • Chemical Waste Pick-up Schedule
  • Instructor Safety Requirements for Science Laboratories and Art Studios
  • After Hours Access Policy for Art Studios and Science Laboratories

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Institutional Review Board

The Mission of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects in Research is three-fold.

  • First, to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects through project review.
  • Second, to foster compliance with institutional policy and federal regulations by facilitating institutional personnel’s efforts in utilizing living human subjects for research, education and other scholarly pursuits that are systematically designed and endeavoring to contribute to knowledge in the respective field.
  • Third, to provide education to institutional personnel on the ethical use of human subjects.

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University Assessment Committee

The charge and functions of the University Assessment Committee are as follows:

  1. Support, promote, coordinate, and otherwise facilitate assessment activities and best practices to advance institutional effectiveness and student learning across the University;
  2.  Ensure that goals and objectives developed by University programs or units are in alignment with the mission and are used for continuous improvement; and
  3.  Communicate relevant information about assessment activity to all constituencies of Wilkes University.

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Mentoring Committee

The Mentoring Resources Committee serves an important role in the university by helping to identify and support mentoring opportunities that distinguish Wilkes as an exceptional learning community. The committee is charged with reviewing applications for mentoring funds and awarding funds for student travel grants and university-wide project fund grants.

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University Staff Advisory Committee

The University Staff Advisory Committee (USAC) is charged with strengthening the Wilkes community by enhancing the channels of communication and serving as a liaison between the staff and administration.  The committee will represent all levels of staff, and consists of both volunteers and appointed representatives.   The purpose of the committee is to focus on issues affecting the overall staff community, not individual members. USAC will also work collaboratively with the Faculty Affairs Council (FAC) on issues of joint concern.

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