General Education Committee

The General Education Committee is charged with reviewing all core courses and recommending changes to the core to the full faculty.

The Committee Charge

(as approved by the Faculty on April 8, 2010)



  1. develop mission and outcomes for the General Education curriculum;
  2. approve courses that can be designated CI or OPO;
  3. work with the University Assessment Committee to develop assessment processes for the General Education curriculum;
  4. proactively monitor the General Education curriculum and propose changes to the Curriculum Committee, as required, based on internal and external sources; and
  5. monitor all policies related to the General Education curriculum and propose any changes to the Curriculum Committee.


  • Seven faculty members, comprised of three faculty members elected at large and one elected faculty member representing each of the four areas of the General Education curriculum;
  • a voting student representative; and      
  • three nonvoting ex-officio members, comprised of representatives of the Provost’s office, Registrar’s office, and Admissions office.
  • This committee may solicit members with expertise to develop criteria and guidelines for the competency areas.

Reporting Relationship: The Faculty

General Education Mission/Vision Statement:

(Approved by Faculty on November 4, 2010)


The general education curriculum at Wilkes University provides a liberal arts foundation for life-long intellectual development and personal growth, engenders a sense of values and civic responsibility, and prepares all students to meet the opportunities and challenges of a diverse and continually changing world.  The general education curriculum fosters the development of communication, intellectual and technical skills, and introduces Wilkes students to a broad range of disciplinary perspectives, and provides the opportunity to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills and awareness of the world beyond the classroom.  

2020 - 2021 Members

Voting Members:

  • Kalen Churcher (At large), Co-Chair
  • Bobby Karimi (Area II), Co-Chair
  • Chris Zarpentine (Area I)
  • Laura Skoronski Chavez (Area III)
  • Lisa Reynolds (Area IV)
  • Kim Ference (At large)
  • Helen Davis (At large)

Student Representative:

  • Liam Flynn

Non-Voting Members:

  • Anthony Kapolka (FYF Director)
  • Amy Patton (Admissions)
  • Joe Kultys (Registrar's Office)
  • Brian Bogert (Institutional Research)
  • FAC Liaison:
  • Yong Zhu