Faculty Resources for Technology Tools, Apps, and Sites

Learning and student engagement can be enhanced in both the face to face and the online classroom by integrating technology.

Below you will find ideas for using different technology tools, apps, and sites that can be incorporated into the classroom.

Video Tools

  • Panopto: Upload, create, share privately/publicly, in-video quizzing, screencasts, and much more. All hosted on a password protected Wilkes site. Visit our resource page on Panopto for more information.
    Kaltura Media Space
  • Edpuzzle: Convert online videos into interactive learning experiences with quizzes, images, and text.
  • Vialogues: Upload a video and start a discussion by adding comments, surveys and open ended questions.
  • PowToon: Create animated videos and presentations. Use to explain a concept to students or have student create videos to demonstrate understanding.

Audio Tools

  • VoiceThread:  Upload presentations, audio files and videos. Students can comment via text or audio, read and reply to other's comments.
  • Voki: Create custom speaking avatars. A great way to introduce a topic in an online course, especially for the camera shy instructor! Type, upload, or record audio.

Mind Mapping/Infographics/Timelines

  • Timetoast: Create online, interactive, multimedia timelines
  • Bubble.us:  Online Collaborative Brainstorm and Mindmap site

Student Response Systems

  • Clickers: Turning Technology Clickers are a great way to engage every student in your class and access their level of comprehension. They can also be used to give quizzes and take surveys.
  • Plickers: Quickly assess student learning during instruction using an iPad and custom QR codes. Can use pre-made questions or ask questions on the spot. No need for student devices.
  • Kahoot: An awesome game-based student response system. Create multiple choice questions. Students compete using any device with internet connection. Download results in a CSV file.
  • Socrative: Student response system that provides instant feedback, detailed reports, game option. Students can access from any device with internet connection.
  • Resources:

Collaborative Presentation Tools

  • Google Slides: Create online, collaborative presentations. Great for virtual group projects because students can work simultaneously, offers a built in chat feature, and revision history to track who has done what.
  • Prezi: Online presentation software