Panopto Resources

Panopto is our video content management system here at Wilkes University. Everything related to video creation, editing, storing and sharing your videos you can now do in one simple, easy to use place. Panopto is a robust system with lots of great features such as recording video presentations, storing and managing videos and live streaming events. You can record from a PC, Mac or mobile device. You can record your screen, webcam, and even other inputs like a document camera. Panopto also includes video editing capabilities and automatically generated captioning. Generated captions can be edited to improve accuracy or transcripts can be uploaded as well.

Panopto offers several engagement features for an enhanced student experience. Students can take private notes on the video, bookmark spots in the video for reference, search notes, and participate in discussions. Instructors can create in-video quizzes which pause the video to display a question for the students to respond. Panopto offers robust video analytics showing, which students watched the videos, where they stopped, replayed, and much more. Panopto also includes a Video Assignment feature in which instructors can set up a folder to allow students to create and add videos. Student videos can be set up as private to the instructor or sharable to the whole class.

D2L Access

Panopto is integrated with D2L, which makes adding videos to your course a seamless process. Click the Panopto link on the navigation bar in your D2L/LIVE course. You will automatically be placed in the corresponding course folder in Panopto. Panopto will create folders for your courses, or you can use My Folder to store videos and then just apply sharing permissions from there to each video. Videos can be added to Announcements, Content, Discussions, or Assignments by clicking the Insert Stuff button. See the documentation below for more information on adding Panopto videos to your courses.

Panopto Capture

The new Panopto Capture allows a user to easily record audio, video and screens or applications directly within their browser instead of downloading the desktop application. This especially convenient in those instances where downloading an application is not possible. Look for this option under the Create button.

What are the differences between the Desktop application and Capture? external website

Prerequisites: instructor role or an assignment folder for students, latest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Safari 15.0+ users please note: Capture is still in beta and not recommended for production. Options are different for Safari users, please see How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture with Safari external website. Support for iOS is coming soon.

How to Create a Video Using Panopto Capture external website

Training and Support

Our Panopto agreement includes a full support and training package. As part of that training package, we receive customized training for our users. Here is a playlist of the training sessions offered at Wilkes by Panopto's own experts. Note: you may need to log in with your Wilkes credentials to view these videos.

In addition, you can find online tutorials, documentation and live chat support on the Panopto Support Site external website. Access support from within the Panopto application by selecting Help in the top right corner of the Panopto window.

Panopto Blog

Get ideas for using video in the classroom and see how other institutions are using Panopto on the Panopto Blog external website. Select the Category drop down menu to choose a topic of interest.