Student Resources

OTTL has organized a variety of resources to help students be successful learners. There are tips for being a successful online student, resources for D2L/LIVE, and links to student focused help for tools Wilkes faculty use for teaching and learning. We’ve also provided a list of apps you can use to help you organize, manage or participate in your classes.

There are a variety of things students can do to set themselves up for success as an online learner. Follow these nine tips: "How to Be a Successful Online Learner: 9 Tips & Strategies external website"

Here's a Getting Started video playlist external website from D2L BrightSpace covering all the important components of working within D2L/LIVE.

Visit the Learners page external website to find helpful documentation and search for topics.

Important features in D2L/LIVE

Brightspace (D2L) Pulse

Learners can download Brightspace Pulse from any global Google Play external website store or Apple App Store external website.

Scanning apps

Microsoft Lens

Academic and Related Apps/Sites

Study Aid Apps/Sites

Writing Support

Document Storage Apps/Sites