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Ensuring students are submitting original work and siting sources properly is a huge task. The University has licensed Turnitin’s originality checking software to help. Though no software can identify plagiarism, Turnitin will report on matches found in its databases of millions of papers and web sources. This creates opportunities for formative feedback on proper citing of source material. The detailed originality report is overlaid on the student paper. You can quickly determine if further investigation is necessary.

The University has a limited number of license seats available on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis. Please contact the Office of Technology for Teaching and Learning (OTTL) to reserve access for your upcoming LIVE course (ottl@wilkes.edu).

Turnitin Integration with D2L/LIVE

Turnitin originality checking is integrated into the Assignment tool in LIVE. Students simply use the assignment as they normally would and (depending on your settings) Turnitin places a percentage score of matched material adjacent to the document in the assignment folder. You decide if you want students to see their score.

Once your course has been granted access to the tool, you will see a new tab for Turnitin on the assignment’s settings screen under Evaluation & Feedback

Requesting Turnitin for Your Course

Please contact OTTL (ottl@wilkes.edu) with course names and sections as soon as possible to ensure licenses are available for your class. You must submit your request for each semester you want to use Turnitin. OTTL will not assume continuous use every semester. Licenses will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Creating your First Assignment with Turnitin

The following guide will walk you through setting up your first assignment that uses Turnitin:


Below is a walk-through on how to fine tune the optional Turnitin settings available with your assignments in LIVE. These include settings around the paper repository, similarity report, and excluding content such as bibliographic material in the report.

Managing Turnitin Settings external website 

Additionally, below is the instructor support page with links to Feedback studio and the Similarity report and the student support page with steps for submitting papers and much more. 

Additional Help

OTTL and Turnitin held a training event for Wilkes faculty on February 13, 2018.

Watch the Recording external website

The Turnitin web site external website also has a variety of resources available to support instructors including webinars, support documentation, and research articles. In addition, the staff of OTTL can provide individual training on Turnitin.

You can also check the Turnitin system status external website on Turnitin's website.