Find information about upcoming events the Office of Technology for Teaching and Learning (OTTL) are sponsoring! We will also make announcements about other professional development opportunities, such as upcoming webinars and conferences, that you may find helpful to support your teaching, learning and technology journey.

Faculty Development Offerings

OTTL continues to offer trainings and workshops as needed to support faculty as they navigate shifts in teaching modalities, learn new technologies and enhance their skills with D2L, Panopto and other tools. Visit the Trainings and Workshops page on the Online Teaching Contingency Plan site for details.

Facilitating Learning Online (FLO)

FLO is a 3-week fully online, asynchronous course designed for instructors interested in teaching and/or developing an online course. Instructors will get to experience online learning from the student's perspective while learning about tried, tested and research-based practices in online learning and instruction. While the course topics are geared towards someone who has not yet taught online, experienced online educators will find value in the tips, tricks, and sharing opportunities encouraged by the course as well.

Watch for future offerings.

FLO Course Objectives

  • Recognize what it feels like to be a student in an online course.
  • Compare and contrast online with face-to-face teaching and learning.
  • Identify ways in which you can adjust your teaching approach to designing and/or facilitating your online course.
  • Consider how to support online learners while maintaining a work/life balance.
  • Reflect on your online learning experience and consider how to foster community and teacher presence in an online course.
  • Create an action plan for follow-up, whether it's learning more about teaching online, making changes to your current teaching practices or continuing to work with an Instructional Designer on a course already developed.

Course load is approximately 2-3 hours per week depending on your level of experience and how much time you choose to invest. Please be prepared to participate regularly and submit assignments and discussions according to a set course schedule. Upon successful completion (75% or better) of the course activities and assignments, you will receive our OTTL FLO badge that can be displayed on D2L/LIVE, LinkedIn and other social sites, showcasing your newfound skills in online education!

Any questions, please contact Krstine Pruett at or

Other Events

D2L BrightSpace Fusion 2023

BrightSpace Webinars

On Demand and Upcoming

Participate in or view webinars on various topics within the D2L BrightSpace LMS. Search by topic or role to find webinars geared to your interests and needs.

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Past OTTL Events

Teaching with Technology Week - all years

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