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Honors students are engaged with their classes, their campus community and their world. Learn more about their varied and transformative experiences.

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Honors Peer Mentors

Peer mentors guide first-year students by sharing their experiences and helping new students transition to college life and the Honors Program.

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Applications are due by Nov. 15.

Honors Program Student Committee

The Honors Program Student Committee (HPSC) comprises students dedicated to enhancing the honors experience and engaging their peers. HPSC officers serve as liaisons between the program’s administration and the student body. Ultimately, the HPSC fosters academic growth and provides greater leadership and volunteer opportunities for honors students at Wilkes.

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Current Leadership

Additional Information

Each spring, the Honors Program celebrates exceptional achievements and contributions within its community.

Students Awards

  • Academic Distinction – honors the highest cumulative GPA/number of credits at Wilkes among all honors students.
  • Scholarship – honors substantial accomplishment in self-directed, self-motivated academic work such as research and original creative production.*
  • Community Leadership – honors substantial leadership of, participation in, and contributions to the Honors Program, as well as the greater Wilkes community. Nominated by the Honors Program Advisory Council.

The Honors Program Student Committee nominates faculty for the Excellence in Honors Mentoring and Teaching Award, which honors substantial contributions to developing academic and other learning opportunities for honors students.

Previous Award Winners

2018 - 2019
  • Outstanding Graduate: Patrice Lonardi
  • Community Leadership Award: Evan Stolicker
  • Scholarship Award: Celine Podlesney
  • Academic Distinction Award: Cassie Oldt
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Mark Allen
  • Community Leadership Award: Hayley Farrell
  • Scholarship Award: Juan Astegiano
  • Academic Distinction Award: Marcy Ledvinka
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Jen McLaughlin, MFA
  • Community Leadership Award: Sarah Markovich
  • Scholarship Award: T.Q. Smith
  • Academic Distinction Award: Matthew Shelly
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Debbie Tindell
  • Community Leadership Award: Melanie Fouts
  • Scholarship Award: Brooke Harvey
  • Academic Distinction Award: Nikki Polivka & Matthew Schwarztrauber
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Thomas Hamill
  • Community Leadership Award: Kaelin Hughes
  • Scholarship Award: David Greybosh
  • Academic Distinction Award: Michael Nowak
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Ben Toll

Wilkes honors students are always part of the honors community, no matter how near or far from campus their post-graduate lives might take them. In town? View our calendar and stop by an event. Have wisdom to share? Serve as a mentor for a current student or pitch a Pizza Plus workshop.

Pizza Plus workshops are informal honors community gatherings scheduled about once a month during the academic year. Over a slice or two of a staple food on college campuses, students sit down with faculty, administrators, alumni and others to discuss topics such as basic personal finance, job cover letters or graduate school applications.


  • Honors Office:
    SLC 262
  • Honors Lounge:
    SLC 258
  • Honors Classroom:
    SLC 260