Honors Program Advisory Council (HPAC)


  • One faculty representative elected at large from each college or school 
  • Honors Program student
  • Honors Program director, ex officio
  • Honors Program graduate assistant, ex officio
  • Student Affairs representative, ex officio 

The chair of the HPAC shall be elected by the committee and shall be one of the elected faculty members.


  • Serve as liaison between Honors Program and various colleges or schools.
  • Provide guidance from represented disciplines on program academic and co-curricular policies and activities.
  • Support advising of honors students, particularly but not exclusively from respective colleges or schools.
  • Support solicitation of honors courses, particularly but not exclusively from respective colleges or schools.
  • Review honors course proposals.
  • Support Admissions Office in recruitment of honors students.
  • Review Honors Program admissions applications.
  • Collaborate in considering awards, prizes and other forms of student opportunities and recognition, including at Commencement.

Reporting Relationship: The faculty

Ongoing Commitments

  • Teach honors courses and otherwise be visible and available to honors students, particularly from respective colleges/schools, particularly regarding Honors Forum, HNR 390A, and Pizza Plus.
  • Recruit faculty and solicit courses for honors credit from respective colleges/schools
  • Review proposals for honors credit.*
  • Review admissions applications.
  • Provide guidance on program policies and activities and bring respective expertise to bear on the program and its students.
  • Review student qualifications for graduation and other awards and opportunities.

*Course proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis between Aug. 15, and April 15. Proposals must be received by no later than four weeks into the semester in which honors credit is sought.

Role Clarifications

Honors Program Student Committee (HPSC) President

Serve as a liaison between HPSC and HPAC, representing student interests and keeping students informed about program’s administration.

Graduate Assistant, ex officio

Serve as a liaison between Honors Program, HPSC and HPAC, providing direct participatory insight into and between each area (honors administration, students and faculty).


  • Honors Office:
    SLC 262
  • Honors Lounge:
    SLC 258
  • Honors Classroom:
    SLC 260