Honors Alum Networking

Valuable Contacts

In the Wilkes University Honors Program, we value community, leadership, and service.

The spirit of service and community for our Honors family continues even after graduation. As such, these Honors alum are offering to remain in contact with the program as valuable contacts in the professional world. If you have any questions for these Honors Alum and/or want to further your network…reach out and say hello!

Anna Culver '21

  • Major: Communication Studies
  • Minors: Political Science, International Relations and Global Cultures
  • Current position: Anna is attending Boston University.
  • Email: aculver7531@gmail.com

Dillon Davis '19

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Current position: Dillon is at Case Western Reserve University.

Email: davis.dillon1996@gmail.com

Emily Kamieniecki '20

  • Major: Medical Laboratory Science
  • Current position: Emily works at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, and is in graduate school at The University of the Sciences.
  • Email: emily.kamieniecki@wilkes.edu

Emily Yenser '21

  • Major: Pharmacy
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Current position: Emily is in the PharmD program at Wilkes.
  • Email: emily.yenser@wilkes.edu

Faith G. Banca '19

  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Art
  • Current position: Faith is working at Felician University in admissions while finishing her MBA; also earning her masters in School Counseling from Montclair State University.
  • Email: faithgiannabanca@gmail.com

Hayley Farrell '21

Joshua Bradley '20

  • Major: Political Science and International Relations
  • Current position: Joshua is working in the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General while attending Georgetown University for his Masters in Applied Intelligence.
  • Email: jmb541@georgetown.edu

Juan Astegiano '21

  • Major: Political Science, International Relations, and History
  • Current position: Juan is currently attending Central European University.
  • Email: juan.astegiano@wilkes.edu

Niamh Harkins '21

  • Major: Marketing and Management
  • Current position: Niamh is currently attending Wilkes for her MBA while serving as the GA in the President’s office.
  • Email: nharkins124@gmail.com

Skyee Edwards '19

  • Major: Pharmacy
  • Current position: Skyee is currently a Post Graduate Year 1 Pharmacy Resident at West Virginia University Medicine.
  • Email: skyee.edwards@yahoo.com

Steffen Horwath '21

  • Major: Environmental Engineering
  • Minor: Geology 
  • Current position: Steffen is working at SET Engineering as a Civil Designer.
  • Email: steffenbobby@gmail.com

Stephanie Ko '21

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Current position: Steph is currently attending Penn State College of Medicine.
  • Email: stephko2017@gmail.com

Additional contacts not listed here that are available upon request are:

  • Biology major with a minor in Chemistry
  • Marketing and Management double major
  • Spanish and Secondary Education double major

For more information, please reach out to Jen McLaughlin jennifer.mclaughlin1@wilkes.edu.


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