Honors Program Student Committee

The National Collegiate Honors Council advocates for the full participation of honors students in their honors programs.

“Honors students…[should be] assured a voice in the governance and direction of the honors program. This can be achieved through a student committee that conducts its business with as much autonomy as possible but works in collaboration with the administration and faculty to maintain excellence in the program. Honors students are included in governance, serving on the advisory/policy committee as well as constituting the group that governs the student association.”

Wilkes University’s Honors Program Student Committee comprises honors students dedicated to enhancing the honors experience and engaging their peers in the honors community. HPSC officers serve as liaisons between the honors administration and the student body. Ultimately, the HPSC fosters academic growth and provides greater leadership and volunteer opportunities for honors students at Wilkes.

HPSC Application Form (.docx)

HPSC Current Leadership


All students who are active and in good standing in the Wilkes University Honors Program are considered honors students and as such are able to attend meetings and run for elected positions initiated through an application.


  • Serve from January to January.
  • Attend biweekly meetings throughout the academic year (August to November and January to April).
  • Support fellow council members in their mutual endeavors to advance HPSC goals.
  • Represent honors students’ interests.
  • Lead student participation in and further develop all Honors Program activities.
  • Create a cohesive student community.
  • Document all organized events.
  • Maintain good standing within the Honors Program.

Responsibilities by Position

  • Oversee the HPSC to ensure all officers fulfill their specific duties and all help promote efficient and effective HPSC operations
  • Work closely with the Vice President to encourage cross-HPSC committee collaboration and engagement
  • Seek co-sponsorships with other campus organizations/Honor Societies
  • Solicit Honors student participation and feedback
  • Organize structured weekly meetings in order to ensure effective use of time
  • Serve on the Honors Program Advisory Council (HPAC), liaising between HPSC and HPAC, representing student interests and keeping students informed about the program’s administration
  • Cosigner on the HPSC bank account when necessary
  • Ensure HPSC remains a university recognized club, including any applications and meetings that must be held to do so
  • Assist the President in all executive functions
  • Assist any HPSC member if necessary, to complete committee tasks
  • Fulfill President’s responsibilities in President’s absence
  • Maintain HPSC’s order and focus while supporting the President at meetings
  • Review the HPSC constitution yearly in concert with the President and propose amendments as needed
  • Cosigner on the HPSC bank account when necessary
  • Helps the President ensure HPSC remains a university recognized club, including any applications and meetings that must be held to do so
  • Sends follow up email after every meeting with duties and minutes from meeting
  • Keep detailed and accurate minutes of HPSC meetings and post them online after each meeting
  • Send out reminder emails for general meetings in conjunction with the President
  • Maintain organized, accurate, and up-to-date electronic records of events, including student attendance
  • Raise concerns to the Vice President – for example, should any HPSC member neglect designated responsibilities
  • Create zoom links and Google calendar invites for events and meetings.
  • Receive confirmation of attendance or non-attendance of all HPSC meetings
  • Contacts HPSC members regarding missed deadlines
    • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all HPSC expenses; keep documentation for a minimum of twelve months
    • Provide a full budget summary (income and expenses) at the end of each semester
    • Primary “signer” on the HPSC bank account
    • Organize deposits and/or withdrawals when necessary
    • Create a ledger tracking all expenses and income
    • Coordinate HPSC fundraising events, with the assistance of the Director of Social Events if needed
    • Reach out to on and off-campus organizations for fundraising opportunities
    • Keep track of money earned from fundraising
    • Get all HPSC fundraising events approved through the university, including all forms required to ensure fundraisers are fully backed by the proper authorities
    • Secure locations for fundraising event.
  • Organize events that foster opportunities for enhanced academic learning for Honors students, including Pizza Plus (CC’ing Honors Office Representative in all correspondence)
  • Reach out to students for student spotlights for Honors communication platforms (newsletter, website, social media, etc.) 
  • Promote informal opportunities for student-driven discussions and speakers
  • Raise awareness among Honors students about conferences, publishing opportunities, and scholarships
  • Ensure tutoring outreach continues and grows as needed
  • Secure locations for academic events
  • Organize events and social activities that foster interaction/socialization among Honors students and with the Wilkes community
  • Maintain contact between community leaders and Honors students
  • Assign and enlist HPSC members or committees to prepare for events, such as but not limited to creating trivia categories, acquiring Bingo materials, etc
  • Book events and handle all correspondence with outside and university entities, including planning, day of, and post events as needed
  • Secure locations for social events
  • Organize community service and volunteer opportunities, enabling students to partner with local populations and engage with nonprofit organizations 
  • Meet with potential partners both on campus and off for community service events
  • Communicate times, days, and locations all of events to proper authorities inside and outside of the HPSC
  • Secure locations for community service events
  • With the Honors Program Office Representative, oversee the Honors Program social media accounts, such as the Facebook page, the Twitter account and the Instagram account
  • With the Honors Program Office Representative, manage the content for the HPSC’s official website
  • Share all news-worthy updates and information with the editor of The Honors Buzz
  • Co-edit The Honors Buzz with the Honors Program Office Representative 
  • Create posters advertising HPSC events and opportunities
  • Reach out to “outside sources” when necessary, including companies or campus groups
  • Market HPSC merchandise
  • Reach out to alum for alum spotlights for Honors communication platforms (newsletter, website, social media, etc.)
  • Seek poster approval and coordinate with the print shop to advertise for all HPSC events
  • Hang up flyers around campus to raise awareness for events
  • Provide wording and links to be shared on Wilkes Today and the Honors Buzz
  • Create Google sign up forms when needed for all events
  • Utilize Presence through the university to get events noticed
  • Develop, supervise, and advise HPSC
  • Liaise between students, representing mediating between their interests and activities and those of the program’s administration
  • Allow for the HPSC to be an independent entity, with the support of the Honors office evident and available at all times


The following positions on HPSC shall be elected positions: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and fundraiser, director of academic opportunities, director of social events and community service, director of publicity and marketing, and any other elected position as decided upon by the active council members. The decision to create additional elected positions shall be determined prior to the opening of applications.

All honors students who are active and in good standing in the Honors Program are eligible to run for a position on the HPSC. To initiate candidacy, a student must complete and return an application to the Honors Program office by 9 a.m. on the Monday before fall break.

Campaigning begins on the first Monday of November and ends with the end of the voting period. Advertising may be done via appropriate social networking and other electronic media. Physical advertising materials, including but not limited to flyers and pamphlets, may not be placed in academic classrooms. Verbal advertisements within academic classrooms must not interfere with class time and must be limited to the announcement of upcoming elections and deadlines. Each candidate is expected to conduct his or her own campaign with integrity and in a manner befitting a future leader of the Wilkes University Honors Program Student Committee. Violations of this expectation can result in disqualification from the campaign. In the rare and unanticipated event of a substantial concern that could constitute violation of campus student conduct policies, Honors Program administration will take further action.

Candidates win by a simple majority vote. In the event of a tie, the Honors Program office representative will decide between candidates. If only one candidate runs for a position, then that candidate shall win the election by default.

Elections are held for one week (9 a.m. Monday to 5 p.m. Friday) beginning on the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

All honors students who are active and in good standing in the Honors Program are eligible to vote in HPSC elections on a “one student, one vote” basis. That is, a voter shall cast no more than one (1) ballot. Voting by proxy is prohibited.

Voting occurs online, with the Honors Program administration to determine the web balloting medium. In the event that online web balloting is unavailable, one or more secure polling stations featuring paper ballots shall be arranged.

Each elected position will have a length of term of one year, running from January to January. Officers may run for re-election.

Each elected position will have a length of term of one year, running from January to January. Officers may run for re-election.


  • Honors Office:
    SLC 262
  • Honors Lounge:
    SLC 258
  • Honors Classroom:
    SLC 260