Wilkes University

Current Leadership

Mel Fouts headshot

Mel Fouts

Cohort: 2023
Major: Environmental Engineering
Minors: Sustainability Management

Hi, my name is Mel Fouts and I am excited to be the HPSC President! I grew up in Selinsgrove, PA but now my family lives in Fulton, MO. I have a cat and a dog although I am definitely a cat person. I enjoy exploring the outdoors with hikes, camping, walking my dog, and going for a run. Although Christmas is my favorite holiday, spring is my favorite overall season.

Kaelin Hughes headshot

Kaelin Hughes

Vice President
Cohort: 2024
Majors: Political Science & History
Minor: Policy Studies

Hi, I'm Kae! I'm from Great Bend, Pennsylvania, which about an hour and a half north from campus. I'm a Political Science and History double major, with a minor in Policy Studies. On campus, I am involved in HPSC, Programming Board, and I'm currently the RA for Waller South (the first-year honors building)! In my free time, I enjoy playing my inst

Sydney Miller headshot

Sydney Miller

Cohort: 2025
Majors: Environmental Engineering
Minor: Sustainability Management
Hello, my name is Sydney Miller and I am from Littlestown, PA. I went to a small high school where I played soccer and was involved in National Honors Society. During quarantine, I got ducks and chickens who live on my grandparent's farm. I am in love with what intelligent and interesting creatures they are. As an environmental engineering major, I am interested in living a sustainable lifestyle and encouraging others to do so, too. Creating art is also a passion of mine, and I enjoy showing environmental issues through my art as well.
Sydney Farmer  headshot

Sydney Farmer

Treasurer / Fundraiser
Cohort: 2025
Major: Nursing
Minor: Spanish

Hi! My name is Sydney, and I am so happy to be the treasurer/fundraiser for the HPSC this year! I am from Lacey, NJ, about 3 hours from Wilkes. I love living in Jersey, especially during the summer since I am so close to the beach! Here at Wilkes I play for the Women’s Tennis Team and love the girls I play with! I cant wait to see what we will accomplish as the HPSC board! 

Erin Dietrich headshot

Erin Dietrich

Director of Publicity
Cohort: 2024
Major: Biology and Neuroscience
Minor: Psychology and Music
I'm from a small town called Rockaway, NJ, where I live with my mom and brother. I am a personal trainer and swim coach, so I spend a good amount of time at the gym and pool. I am working towards becoming a physical therapist that specializes in spinal injuries. As a musician, I play the flute and piccolo here at Wilkes and hope to continue playing in the future. Fun fact: In my 19 years of living, I have played 10 sports for more than a year.
Esther Orlando headshot

Esther Orlando

Director of Social Events
Cohort: 2024
Major: Biology

Hello, my name is Esther Orlando! Currently, I am a sophomore on the pre-med track and majoring in Biology. I am the Director of Social Events in the Honors Program Student Committee because I take pleasure in strengthing our Wilkes community through these social activities. It is vital that we continue to grow together and stay connected, and I believe organizing these events (online or in-person) can aid in this way. My experience through numerous clubs and organizations, most notably the Social Media Squad, will help me give our Honors Program the direction, drive and focus we need to get these events done!

Alena Lateef headshot

Alena Lateef

Director of Academic Opportunities
Cohort: 2024
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Art History
Concentration: Ethics
Hello everyone!! My name is Alena and I am from Pittsburgh, PA. When I am not busy with school, I love to read, create sculpures using clay, and vibe with my friends. I also love sleeping (on the occasion that I actually can) or taking a solid nap on my carpet with all my fuzzy blankets.
Morgan Steiner headshot

Morgan Steiner

Director of Marketing
Cohort: 2025
Majors: Political Science & International Relations
Minor: Legal Studies

Hi, I'm Morgan Steiner! I'm from a small town called Moscow about an hour away from Wilkes. I love to play soccer, read, and watch movies. I have two adorable cats at home. I work as a waitress when I'm not at school!

Nicole O'Rourke headshot

Nicole O'Rourke

Director of Community Service
Cohort: 2024
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
My name's Nicole and I'm a biology major on a pre-vet track. I am the Director of Community Service. I'm from Staten Island, NY and play softball for Wilkes. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music and hiking. I also love hanging out with my friends. 


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