Current Leadership

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Kait Falco

"My name is Kait Falco and I will be this year's HPSC President. I am originally from Bethlehem, PA. A little bit about me is that I love dogs, hiking and spending too much money while online shopping. I also work at my local Target and summer camp! Here at Wilkes, I am an E-Mentor, president of the Education Club, secretary of Alpha Lambda Delta and a bunch of other stuff on campus!"

Major(s): Early Childhood Education Major
Minor(s): Reading and Spanish
Cohort: Class of 2022

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Vice President

Evan Liddington

"My name is Evan and I come from a small town in central PA called Middleburg. There are many rural areas around there, so I enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking. Along with those, I like to golf, try new restaurants, and travel. In my free time at Wilkes, I enjoy eating at Smokey Bones and taking trips to Hillside. I hope to graduate from Wilkes with a Pharm.D and an MBA to have multiple career choices, such as pharmacy specializations and management positions. Thank you for this opportunity, and I am very excited to be your Vice President!"

Major(s): Pharmacy
Minor(s): N/A
Cohort: Class of 2022

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Director of Marketing

Kaelin Hughes

"I'm Kaelin Hughes! I'm from Great Bend, PA, a small town about an hour north from Wilkes. In my free time, I love to play music: electric/acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass and piano to be specific! Also, fun fact: I once watched all of the Star Wars movies within 24 hours!"

Major(s): Political Science
Minor(s): Economics, Statistics, & History
Cohort: Class of 2024

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Director of Community Service

Archi Gandhi

"My name is Archi Gandhi and I am a sophomore in the Pre-Pharmacy Guaranteed Seat. I was born in India but moved to Scranton, PA when I was 10. A little fact about me is that I am Trilingual and will hopefully be multilingual after learning Spanish and studying abroad in Spain in 2021. I love watching TV and discovering new things, but I definitely love sleeping more."

Major(s): Pharmacy
Minor(s): Spanish
Cohort: Class of 2023

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Director of Academic Opportunities

Hera Mukhtar

"I'm from right outside of Pittsburgh, and I'm currently a sophomore biology major. In my free time, I really enjoy learning languages, hanging out with friends, and running. Aside from being involved in HPSC, I’m Vice President of the Chemistry Club, an E-Mentor, an Honors Peer Mentor, and a research assistant for Dr. Terzaghi in the biology department. After I complete my time at Wilkes, I will be attending the Penn State College of Medicine as part of the early assurance program."

Major(s): Biology
Minor(s): Chemistry
Cohort: Class of 2023

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Director of Social Events

Nikki Polivka

"I'm from a small town in PA named Weatherly, and I am a sophomore pre-pharmacy major. Outside of the HPSC, I am a first-year student E-mentor, and I love every minute of it. I am also employed at Rite Aid as a pharmacy tech. In my free time, I love to read, watch sitcoms, hang out with my friends and play Mario Kart!"

Major(s): Pharmacy
Minor(s): Spanish
Cohort: Class of 2023

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Abby Mills photo

Director of Publicity

Abby Mills

"My name is Abby and I am from a small town near Pottsville PA! My interests include working out, playing the piano, hanging out with friends and playing with my two puppies Jackson and Marley. I am also an admissions ambassador here at Wilkes and am always looking to help out in any way possible. Don't hesitate to reach out!"

Major(s): Neuroscience
Minor(s): Biology, Psychology
Cohort: Class of 2023

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Mel Fouts

"This is my second year serving on HPSC as Secretary. I am also an honors peer mentor and an e-Mentor. I grew up in Selinsgrove, PA, but I now live in Fulton, MO. While on campus, I do research with the Chemistry department through Dr. Blechle and am currently planning to attend the 2021 American Vacuum Society (AVS) conference to present our work. I love spending time at home with my sisters and our pets (cat and dog). I enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors especially during my favorite season, spring."

Major(s): Environmental Engineering
Minor(s): Sustainability Management
Cohort: Class of 2023

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Jules Iskra

"I was born and raised in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I have a 4-year old dog named Benny. I am a member of the pre-pharmacy club and the chemistry clubs here at Wilkes. In my spare time, I love cooking and baking, spending time outdoors and watching movies."

Major(s): Pharmacy
Minor(s): N/A
Cohort: Class of 2023

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Maddy Yeager

"I'm Maddy Yeager. I'm from Schuylkill Haven, PA. I'm glad to be back again on the HPSC this year as well as being the Analytical Chair on the Programming Board. I look forward to seeing what fun events we will be hosting for you next year!"

Major(s): Pharmacy
Minor(s): N/A
Cohort: Class of 2023

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Jen McLaughlin