Workplace Safety Committee Members

Committee Officers

  • Charlie Cary | Ex Officio
  • Theresa Cochran | Chair

Committee Members

Mitchell Adams

Machine Shop Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering

Stark Learning Center 57
(570) 408-3808

Charles Cary

Executive Director Facilities
Campus Support Services

Support Operations Building
(570) 408-4553

Theresa Cochran

Space Mg/Financial Supervisor
Campus Support Services

Support Operations Building
(570) 408-3891

Amy Hunter

Assistant Director
Residence Life

Max Roth Center 2nd Floor
(570) 408-4339

Julia Jacien

Experiential Program Coordinator
Pharmacy Practice

Stark Learning Center 336
(570) 408-4290

Dr. Nicole Langan

Director Residence Life
Residence Life

Max Roth Center 208
(570) 408-4354

Kathy Malcolm

Human Resources Manager Employee Benefits
Human Resources

10 East South Street Suite A
(570) 408-4644

Tony Marcincavage

Equipment and Facilities Coordinator

Lee Michaels

Technical Director
Performing Arts

Dorothy Dickson Darte Center Room 114
(570) 408-4544

Phil Miller

Lieutenant Support Operations
Campus Police

Univ. Center on Main Garage ground
(570) 408-4982

Dr. Marleen Troy

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Simms Center on Main 222C
(570) 408-4615

Jimmy Weaver

Floor/Roofing Maintenance Tech
Repairs and Maintenance
(570) 408-2349

Joe Wilk

Network Administrator
Information Technology Services

Simms Center on Main 206
(570) 408-4815