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EH&S Safety Concern Report Form

EH&S Safety Concern Report Form

EH&S Safety Concern Report Form

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  • It is now possible to report a safety concern or safety suggestion online directly to the Environmental Health and Safety Committee. This is an excellent opportunity for the campus community to become involved in safety and promote awareness.

    Types of safety concerns to report here may include:

    - General workplace and office safety
    - Fire safety
    - Laboratory safety
    - Environmental issues

    If you would like to receive an email response, please indicate your email address below.

  • If you wish to remain anonymous, press the "Submit" button below. The only information that we collect, besides the information you type in the boxes, is the date and time that the form was sent. Thank you for assisting us in making our campus a safer place to live and work.

    It is important to note that if you do fill out the personal information below, it will be kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

  • Employees and students are protected by law when reporting unsafe conditions or practices (See the Whistleblower Policy in the Employee Policies Manual). University employees are prohibited from interfering with good faith reporting in any way. The University also prohibits any form of retaliation against whistleblowers, including but not limited to threats, verbal or physical abuse, harassment or any adverse employment, academic, or educational consequence. In addition, the EH&S Committee is a campus-wide committee that investigates reports of health and safety problems independently. The EH&S Committee is not obligated to report the source of this information to academic departments, advisors, or workplace supervisors.

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