Wilkes University

Committee Members


Mark Allen Dean of Students mark.allen@wilkes.edu
Michael Baltrusaitis Cocciardi & Associates Michael.Baltrusaitis@wilkes.edu
Justin Kraynack Chief Risk & Compliance Officer (ex officio) justin.kraynack@wilkes.edu
Charlie Cary Executive Director, Facilities (Co-chair)  charles.cary@wilkes.edu
Chris Jagoe Chief, Public Safety (Co-chair) Christopher.jagoe@wilkes.edu
Dale Chamberlain Public Safety Officer dale.chamberlain@wilkes.edu
Jimmy Weaver Repairs and Maintenance, Facilities jimmy.weaver@wilkes.edu
Maria Bianco Director, Chemistry Lab / Chemical Hygiene Officer maria.bianco@wilkes.edu
Marleen Troy Assoc. Professor, Enviro Engr. & Earth Science marleen.troy@wilkes.edu
Kathy Malcom Human Resources, Sr. Employee Benefits Admin katherine.malcom@wilkes.edu
Mitch Adams Coordinator, Electrical Engineering (Machine Shop) mitchell.adams@wilkes.edu
Thomas Dunsmuir Coordinator, Athletics thomas.dunsmuir@wilkes.edu
Joshua Savitski Assistant Enrollment Operations Director joshua.savitski@wilkes.edu