Wilkes University

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RA) are full-time undergraduate students who act as a resource for other resident students.

The RAs are hired on the basis of character, leadership, and their ability to interact with students. All of the RAs have undergone extensive training so they may readily meet the needs of all our residential students.

Function of RAs

The main function of the RA staff is to build a community, which is crucial to a successful residence hall living experience. The RAs practice an open door policy and are available day and night should students need them. We encourage our residential students to talk with their RA and be reminded that they are there to help. If they do not have an answer to your question or concern, they will direct you to the most appropriate source.

Throughout the year, RAs will sponsor various social and educational programs for those students who reside on-campus. These activities are a great way to get involved with fellow residents and learn something new in the process. In addition, the RAs are responsible for crisis management, documenting policy violations, reporting maintenance requests, and various other administrative tasks.

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