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Returning RA Selection

2018-2019 Returning RA Selection

The returning RA interview process has been created to evaluate candidates and provide an opportunity for returning RAs to showcase their talents, accomplishments, and vision for growth within the position as it pertains to their desire to return to staff. Please use this webpage as a guide through that process.

The job description can be found by clicking the button below. As noted, returning RAs will be held to the eligibility requirements established when they applied. 

2018-2019 RA Job Description

Returning RA Application

Returning RAs will be expected to complete an application in order to be considered for rehire. The application is formatted as a Google Form and will require you to use your Wilkes University credentials to access the form. Applications are due no later than Friday, February 2, 2018 at 4:00 pm.

The application will contain several short answer questions. They are included here. It may be helpful to write these in a document and then paste into the form when you are ready to complete. 
(1) Why did you reapply for the position? What do you hope to gain from the RA experience next year?
(2) As a supervisee and as a peer, how can you develop our team to be more effective next year?
(3) How did you make connections and build strong relationships with your residents? How would you expand on this next year?
(4) Describe an instance where you learned from a mistake. 
(5) What skills would you like to develop to help you become a better leader amongst the staff next year?

2018-2019 Returning RA Application

Returning RA Individual Interview

Each returning RA will be expected to participate in an individual interview with the current Director and Assistant Director of Residence Life. The details of these interviews can be found below. Returning RAs should dress in business casual attire wherever possible. Returning RAs should expect this interview to be scheduled between February 12-28, 2018 at a time that is mutually agreed upon. 

Interview Format

Candidates should plan on a 30 minute interview. The interviews will consist of a presentation given by the Returning RA candidate, questions by the interview panel, and questions from the candidate. The format for the presentation is up to the candidate. The only expectation is that the presentation be no more than 10 minutes long. Approximate time frames are shared below. 

  • Candidate Presentation: 10 minutes
  • Panel Questions: 15 minutes
  • Candidate Questions: 5 minutes

Presentation Prompt

According to David Halpern, social trust is essential in understanding how people get along, such as with our RA team and the communities in our halls. Trust is also critical in regards to the role that Residence Life plays within the lives of our residents in regards to what they choose to approach us with, confide in us, or how they view us. Candidates are expected to listen to this podcast, by clicking the button below, in order to be prepared for their presentation and interview. 

"Trust Me" from Freakonomics

Evaluate your community along the lines of social trust. How has social trust (or, potentially, a lack thereof) impacted your ability to do your job as an RA? Do you find it easier to create bonding or bridging social capital as an RA? How do you see the relationship between social trust and diversity? How do you approach this? Provide examples from your time on staff this year. Provide at least 2 ideas for building trust that you would employ in another year on staff.

Presentation Evaluation

Candidate presentations will be evaluated on the degree in which the following criteria are successfully satisfied: presentation time management, consideration of community served, creativity, awareness of individual strengths and weaknesses from past performance, and quality of answers provided for questions posed by the interviewing panel.

You've Applied. You've Interviewed. Now What?

Time to wait patiently! The RA Selection crew will review all applications and make selections and placements based on putting together the best possible team we can to serve the Wilkes University residential population. That takes time.

Application Decisions - Monday, March 12

Candidates will be informed, via their official Wilkes University email accounts, of their status in our application process by Monday, March 12. At that time, folks will be notified if they have received a position or if we cannot offer them a position at that time. 

RA Team Meet & Greet - Friday, April 6

Immediately following the New RA Orientation, the entire 2018-2019 RA Team will gather to meet one another, learn names, and start building the long-lasting and deeply meaningful relationships we have all come to expect from Residence Life. 


If you have questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact our Returning RA Selection Chair:

Debbie Scheibler, M.S.

Director of Residence Life
Passan Hall, 3rd Floor
e: deborah.scheibler@wilkes.edu
p: (570) 408-4350