Daylight Update for LIVE/D2L

The Office of Technology for Teaching and Learning is excited to announce "Daylight," the new user interface for D2L, also known as LIVE.

The majority of the changes are visual in nature, but a key improvement is the new responsive nature of the page to adapt to any device you are using. This means that LIVE will now be much easier to use on mobile devices.

Please note that there are no functional changes - everything works the same way!

Here is a list of the major enhancements coming with the Daylight experience:

  • Brighter, whiter and cleaner pages

  • Adaptable and responsive for mobile devices

  • Crisper fonts that are easier to read and more accessible for all users

  • Cleaner icons with unnecessary ones removed

  • My Courses area will now display images (customizable) along with course names

  • My Courses will allow instructors to “pin” frequently accessed courses at the top

  • Instructors will be able to manage Content from mobile devices (previously not possible)

  • Students will be able to submit assignments from mobile interfaces (previously not possible)

  • Students will have a better experience taking quizzes from mobile interfaces

There are naming convention updates that will be made to two features. News Items will now be called Announcements and Dropbox will be called Assignments. Faculty are encouraged to update their courses, syllabi, and other documents to reflect these new naming conventions.

Here are other frequently asked questions about the Daylight update.

Wilkes will transition to Daylight in our instance on D2L/LIVE on December 21, 2017.

Demos for faculty and students will take place in November and December. Visit the Events page for details.

Supporting Materials

Documentation, videos and other support materials will be posted here over the coming weeks and months, even after Daylight goes live.

Watch the following video for a preview of Daylight:


To view a step-by-step guide to creating a course in Daylight, click here(PDF).