Daylight Update FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will happen to my content?
A: Nothing. Your content will be in your courses just as it is now.

Q: What new features are coming with Daylight?
A: There are no functional changes to LIVE with Daylight. All the tools will work exactly as they did. The focus of this update was about improving the design and user experience, not adding features, although some of the design enhancements may be perceived as new features by some users. D2L rolls out new features and enhancements to BrightSpace to clients on a monthly basis.

Q: Why did D2L choose to make this change?
A: The D2L/BrightSpace LMS was lagging behind industry standards for responsive design and a mobile friendly platform so this update is long overdue. D2L used the development of the responsive design platform as an opportunity to also upgrade the look and feel, improve the user experience, improve product accessibility standards, and make other small enhancements. Daylight became available to institutions to turn on in the spring of 2017.

Q: What are the benefits to Daylight?
A: There are several key benefits to the new Daylight interface with the most important being that it is now completely device-friendly. It will work on any device and adjust to the size of the window available. Other benefits include:

  • More visually appealing,

  • Less cluttered interface – simpler to navigate, easier to read,

  • Clean, modern fonts and icons,

  • Whiter and brighter with color used only as accent or emphasis,

  • Students can complete quizzes and submit assignments from the mobile interface (not possible previously).

Q: When will this be “turned on”?
A: OTTL anticipates making the necessary system changes on December 21, 2017. Once “turned on”, it will become active immediately for all courses.

Q: My courses used to be listed by term. Why aren’t they listed that way now (after Daylight)?
A: Your current courses will automatically be pinned in the My Courses Widget. To search by term, use the search tool (Click ‘View All Courses’ to access search). You can customize the courses that are displayed in the My Course Widget by pinning and/or unpinning courses.

Q: Where did the “Home” button go?
A: The ‘Home’ button is now located in the top left of the page next to the Wilkes logo.
Top-left corner of Daylight, featuring a home icon that looks like a house, a small gray dotted vertical line, the Wilkes logo, and the text LIVE.

Q: The search box at the top is gone. How do I search for my courses now?
A: Scroll to the bottom of the My Courses Widget and click View All Courses. Depending on the number of courses you are enrolled in, you may be able to search from the 3X3 grid (Select a Course…) on the top right corner of your screen. From here you can view by semester or department or filter by last access.

Q: Is LIVE/D2L going to change again soon?
A: We just recently renewed for a five year contract with D2L, so we will not be changing learning management systems any time soon. LIVE/D2L hasn’t seen any visual enhancements and was lagging behind with responsive design, so this update is long overdue. New features, functionality, and fixes are released into the platform on a monthly basis so we no longer have system downtime for updates.

Q: Why are there so many names for D2L/LIVE? Now there is Daylight. It is all very confusing.
A: When Wilkes initially contracted with D2L for the learning management system, we held a naming contest which resulted in LIVE - Learning is Virtually Everywhere. D2L is the parent company name that many know so it is often used interchangeably for LIVE. BrightSpace is actually the name of the platform itself. As D2L grew, they rebranded the LMS as Brightspace and kept the parent company name as Desire2Learn/D2L. Daylight is the branded name for the new interface and responsive design that we will turn on in LIVE on Dec. 21. Eventually, the name Daylight will disappear once everything is transitioned.