Accepting and Administering Awards

With rare exceptions, awards are made to the University, not to the individual faculty member. When an award has been made, reviewed for contractual obligations, and accepted by the University, the Grants Accounting Office sets up a unique account for the funds associated with the award and the project can begin.

The Internal and External Financial Compliance Coordinators for Sponsored Programs work with faculty throughout the funding period to maintain proper accounting/allocation of budget dollars and to assist in other ways that will help meet budgetary and reporting requirements of the grant.

Internal Grant Funding

External Grant Funding

Grant Management Frequently Asked Questions

Procedure can vary depending on the funder. Many funders use electronic fund transfers and some require invoicing. The Office of Accounting Services processes all drawdowns and invoicing in coordination with the Research and Sponsored Programs Office.

A variety of individuals, including faculty, students, staff and consultants may be eligible for grant payment. The budget faculty members submit with their grant proposal will dictate how funds are allocated.

Payment for work completed under a grant may fall under one of several categories including full-time employment, part-time employment, student employment, stipend, or consultant. Payment is made by payroll check for all Wilkes employees, including students. The PI must complete a position description form and a create-a-position form for each new position that is to be supported by a grant.  All new employees are required to complete a personnel status change form and tax forms before they begin work. Consultants complete an agreement form and are paid by check; they are responsible for their own tax payments. Ann Marie Kline will help facilitate all required paperwork.

All grant employees must maintain a time and effort report, which includes the date, amount of time, and task performed under the grant. Grant P.I. or project director reviews time cards and provides appropriate sign off and forwards to Ann Marie Kline for final review. The time and effort report forms will be provided by the Sponsored Program Office.

You may contact Ann Marie Kline for the balance of a grant.

As with personnel and consultant costs, expenditures related to the project will be detailed in the budget you submitted with your proposal. Grant and contract-related purchase requisitions, check requests, and cash advances must be approved by Research and Sponsored Programs Office. All reimbursement requests, and accompanying receipts, will require a date stamp from the Office of Grant Support before payment will be made. This stamp will indicate authorization to process the payment.

Indirect costs are those expenses associated with overhead that are necessary to complete a project, but are not typically charged to a grant budget. The University operating budget receives 50% of all budgeted indirect costs. A portion of the remaining 50% is distributed to the P.I. for his or her discretionary use to support ongoing research. Typically the department also receives a percentage of the indirect funds.

The Indirect Cost Fund includes money for PIs who receive a portion of the indirect cost that is distributed from their grants. The money is available to support their research and development. Ann Marie Kline has a record of the amount of funds available for each PI. or project director and will report this information quarterly.