Zoom Recording Storage Policy


The Wilkes Zoom service allows Pro users to record meetings into the Zoom cloud. This cloud storage is limited, and Wilkes quickly filled the available space and expanded to the maximum amount available. This storage is charged monthly as an additional cost to the University. Storage must be limited to prevent the overall space becoming maxed out and the recording feature disabled for all users. Zoom was never intended to be a long-term storage option for meetings or class sessions.


This policy applies to Wilkes University faculty, staff, and students who have been issued a Zoom Pro account by the University.


To limit the overall storage in Zoom, all recordings will be set to automatically delete after 180 days. Deleted recordings will be moved to the trash for an additional 30 days and then permanently deleted from the system. Recordings can be recovered from the trash, but cannot be recovered once they are permanently deleted.

All recordings that need to be maintained for longer than 180 days should be stored outside of Zoom.

In the event that the University’s overall Zoom storage is approaching its maximum limit, Wilkes reserves the right to delete individual recordings to prevent this service from being disabled. Information Technology Services (ITS) will identify recordings that are the oldest and/or the largest and contact those users to ask them to delete those recordings. ITS will notify users before moving any recordings to the trash where they will be stored for 30 days (and not count against the Wilkes storage allotment).

ITS reserves the right to delete large recordings that are created at any time if they would threaten the overall storage limit. Again, efforts will be made to contact users before recordings are deleted so they can be moved off Zoom.

Storage Alternatives

Faculty should move course-related recordings to Panopto. There is a built-in integration between Zoom, Panopto, and D2L that provides faculty with the most flexibility and ease of use. Please contact the Office of Technology for Teaching and Learning (ottl@wilkes.edu) for additional information on setting up this connection. Panopto does not have a storage limit at this time and is the best option for long term storage of course-related recordings.

Staff recordings and all other recordings should be moved to the user’s local computer. If these recordings need to be accessed long term or stored securely, they can be moved to the user’s Google Drive or placed on other external storage. Please contact the ITS Help Desk (helpdesk@wilkes.edu) for assistance or questions about moving recordings.


Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for administering Zoom and controlling recording settings.

ITS will monitor the overall storage space being used by all University Zoom accounts to make sure it does not get too close to the maximum limit.

ITS will also notify users that have large recordings and maintain the overall storage space.

OTTL will provide information to faculty on how to move recordings to alternative systems for storage and train faculty in recording practices that minimize long-term storage on Zoom.

ITS will provide support and assistance with moving non-course-related recordings off Zoom to other storage areas and help users maintain and delete recordings on Zoom.

Effective: 08/16/2021
Updated: 08/16/2021