ITS Deployment Guide

Faculty/Staff Deployment Guidelines

Full-time faculty and staff are currently on a five-year computer lifecycle.  When your computer reaches this age, you will receive an email to provide information on your specifications for a new computer.

The current replacement year is: FY14.

If your computer is FY14 or older and you are a full-time faculty or staff member and have not received a communication, please contact the Help Desk.

Older machines that are assigned to adjunct, part-time, or work-study positions are not replaced with new machines.  If you believe one of these machines should be replaced because of performance issues or specific work requirements, please contact the Help Desk with your request and justification.  We will review your request and may assign a second-life machine as a replacement.  (Second-life machines will generally be newer than the model you currently have, but not a brand new machine.)

Changes to Deployment Policy

Starting in 2013, full-time faculty and staff have their choice of either an Apple or Dell laptop or desktop subject to the following guidelines:

1. The University is no longer providing dual-boot computers with both the Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. If you choose an Apple computer, you will only have the Mac operating system installed. If you need Windows, you must choose a Dell computer.
2. If you choose a laptop, you will only be provided with a mouse upon request. All additional peripherals (external keyboard, monitor, scanner, etc.) must be paid for with departmental funds.
3. All old computers must be returned to IT when the new computer is deployed. There is no option to keep your old computer in addition to your new computer or to opt out of the new deployment. The lifecycle is in place to remove old computers that continue to put a heavy strain on support resources and create security risks on campus.
4. Any hardware enhancements and non-standard software must also be purchased with departmental funds.