Technology Purchasing Policy


This policy provides a set of guidelines to streamline the purchasing of technology through Information Technology Services (ITS) with an aim to leverage cost savings through volume purchasing and standardization. It is meant to work in conjunction with the Computer Lifecycle Replacement Policy and the Technology Standardization Policy to create an effective and efficient technology acquisition process.


This policy applies to the procurement of all University computing resources including, but not limited to: computers, monitors, printers, office phones, cell phones, Audio/Visual equipment, and software of all types.


  • All hardware and software purchases must be processed through ITS except in cases where the technology does not require support from ITS, will not operate on the campus network and will not interact with other computing resources on campus outside of its approved function. Even in these cases, ITS should still be notified and approve these purchases.
  • Most campus computers are purchased as part of the computer lifecycle and governed by the Computer Lifecycle Replacement Policy.
  • When possible, standards should be followed for all technology purchases. See the Technology Standardization Policy for further details.
  • All technology purchases outside of the computer lifecycle should use the online Software/Hardware Request form.
  • This form covers all the information ITS will need to process the purchasing request. One of the required items is approval from the budget manager for the purchaser’s department. Normally, this first level of approval is all that will be required for the purchase to proceed. ITS reserves the right to ask for additional approval from department heads in the event of non-standard or larger purchase requests.
  • ITS will work with the requesting party to determine the most expedient way to purchase the technology, whether that be a purchase order or purchasing card (pcard) transaction. For most items, ITS will facilitate the purchase, but for smaller purchases, ITS may simply approve the requestor to use their own p-card.
  • ITS will determine whether the cost of the requested items should come out of the ITS budget or the requestor’s departmental budget following established practices. Lifecycle computers, larger printers, and wider-use software generally are paid for out of the ITS budget while more department-specific or individual-use technology is paid for by the department. This may also be determined based on the available ITS budget.

Questions about purchases can be directed to the ITS Help Desk (x4357) or the ITS Inventory and Deployment Coordinator (x7012).


  • ITS will approve all technology purchasing requests in a timely manner.
  • ITS will be responsible for purchasing and deploying/distributing all technology resources, except where prior ITS approval has been obtained by the department or individual.
  • ITS will budget appropriately for all lifecycle equipment, established campus software, and estimated hardware repairs and replacements.
  • Colleges, divisions, and departments should plan and identify their upcoming technology needs during the budgeting process.
Effective: 05/14/2008
Updated: 04/16/2016