Shuttle Reservations

Shuttle services are available for any University-related event by a University department, organization, or event organizer. Shuttles may be booked for local or long-distance travel. Continuously-looping shuttles are also available for trips to campus-adjacent destinations.

  • Events that will not exceed 6 attendees will be relegated to a 15-passenger University van. A Transportation Services Driver will remain assigned as the operator.
  • Any changes must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the date of your shuttle. Requests for changes after this deadline may not be accommodated.
  • Submissions sent by email will not be booked unless accompanied by a completed Shuttle Request Form.

Wilkes University is an active, busy campus, which means shuttle reservations arranged through the University may, at times, be challenging to fulfill. In some cases, these reservations cannot be accommodated. To help, we recommend following these tips when requesting a shuttle:

  • Book early. Plan ahead and request your shuttle with as much lead time as possible. We will handle shuttle requests on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Consider the day of the week. When selecting an event date, keep in mind that shuttle availability is typically better on weekends than weekdays.
  • Prepare a backup plan. This is an ever-changing situation, so be sure to plan ahead in the event your shuttle is canceled due to driver shortages.

Shuttle Request Form