Wilkes University

Undergraduate Application Processes & Requirements

Undergraduate Requirements

Admissions Process

At Wilkes University, you’ll join a family of Colonels dedicated to helping you thrive—both in college and in life. Our first step is to guide you through the admissions process. We’re thrilled that you’re considering Wilkes.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Wilkes Application or The Common Application.
  2. Submit official high school transcripts.

Fall 2021: Wilkes University is test-optional for fall 2021 applicants for all majors. You have the option to choose whether or not to submit test scores.

The University accepts a limited number of applications for the spring semester. Procedures are similar to those followed in the fall semester.

Holistic Approach to Admission

With a focus on promoting college access and equality in the admissions review process, Wilkes University conducts a holistic review on each applicant. Our philosophy is to look beyond grade-point average and test scores to understand the achievements and influences that have contributed to each student’s journey. This approach allows Wilkes University to make a fair and informed admissions decision for each student.

Rolling Admission

Wilkes University considers applications on a rolling basis. That means that you’ll receive your admissions decision within a few weeks of the university receiving all your application materials.

Early Decision

If you are confident that Wilkes University’s unique blend of big-school opportunities and personalized attention is right for you, you may want to apply Early Decision.

Committing early to becoming Colonel comes with several advantages:

  • priority housing, based on preference and availability
  • advanced registration for courses within your intended field of study
  • access to department faculty for an early advising session
  • scholarship priority with early FAFSA submission
Early Decision Application Deadline: Nov. 15
FAFSA Filing Deadline for Early Decision: Nov. 15
Decisions Released: On a rolling basis and no later than Dec. 1