Advanced Placement

Adults returning to school after an interval of work or military experience have a number of opportunities to demonstrate competence beyond high school graduation.

College Board AP Exams

If you have successfully passed one or more of the Advanced Placement tests administered by College Board, you may be eligible for academic credit or advanced placement. Academic credit is added toward the hours required for graduation; advanced placement allows you to attend courses at a more advanced level.

Minimum score requirements can be found on the AP Exam Standards page.

College-Level Examination Program

Wilkes University awards academic credit on the basis of satisfactory performance on the Subject Examinations, not the General Examinations, of the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Although the program is designed primarily for adults, exceptionally well qualified high school seniors may find it advantageous to seek academic credit through CLEP. Inquiries about CLEP should be addressed to the Admissions Office. Official scores on CLEP Subject Examinations should be forwarded directly to the Admissions Office.

Credit for Military Experience

If you have completed special education programs offered by branches of the American armed services, you may be granted academic credit for this course-work.

Challenge Examinations and Experiential Learning

After admission to Wilkes, you may wish to take an examination demonstrating competence in a particular course, or explore the processes for earning credit for learning derived from life experience. If you wish to demonstrate competence, contact the department chairperson to take a challenge examination. To petition for experiential learning, contact your advisor.

RN-Validation of Prior Learning

Registered nurse students and students eligible to sit for NCLEXRN may validate prior learning by successfully completing the Mosby Assess Test (Secured Version). Upon successful completion of this examination and Nursing 299, you will receive 24 credits for Nursing 202, 203 and 204. For more information, contact the Department of Nursing at 570-408-4071.

International Baccalaureate

Wilkes University rewards qualified students who have demonstrated their commitment to academic excellence. We understand the time commitment and effort high school students put in to successfully complete their IB courses. At Wilkes we want to share in your success and hard work by awarding college credit for your IB courses. Currently, courses are reviewed on a case by case basis with our faculty members. Should you have any questions please reach out to us at