How to Run an Online Degree Evaluation for Advisors


  1. Log on to the MyWilkes portal.
  2. ClickDegree Works Dashboard under the Launchpad menu on the left
  3. Enter a student’s WIN in the WIN box and press ENTER or click the search button to search for students
  4. If searching for students, select your criteria and then hit search. Then select the checkboxes for the student(s) that you want to view and click OK.

To check a student’s progress against another degree/minor/concentration, or to choose another bulletin year, use the “What-If” Analysis feature:

  1. Search for the student using the above steps to display their current degree audit
  2. Click What If
  3. Select the Academic Year that coincides with the requested bulletin year
  4. Select the Program of the new program
  5. Select the Major
  6. Select Concentration if applicable
  7. Select Minor if applicable
  8. Click Process What-if (or Print/Save as PDF to save the degree audit)
The Degree Evaluation will then display and is available for printing/saving using the print/save as PDF button.