How to Read an Online Degree Evaluation

It is recommended that you print all pages of the Degree Evaluation.

Degree audits will outline courses needed to meet degree, major, minor, concentration requirements within each block:

  1. Degree Requirements – Summary of requirements for the degree
  2. General Education Requirements (If Applicable)
    1. Computer Literacy
    2. Written Communication
    3. Oral Communication
    4. Quantitative Reasoning
    5. First Year Foundations
    6. Area I: The Humanities
    7. Area II: The Scientific World
    8. Area III: The Behavioral and Social Sciences
    9. Area IV: The Visual and Performing Arts
  3. Major Requirements
  4. Minor Requirements (If Applicable)
  5. Courses Not Applied (If Applicable) – Courses that have not been automatically applied to a block but still count towards Overall Cumulative GPA and Overall Credits
  6. Insufficient (If Applicable) – Courses that do not meet the minimum grade requirement or courses that were repeated
  7. Courses Not Counted Towards the Degree/Expired Courses (If Applicable) – Courses that do not count towards the degree on account of the time limitation from when the course was taken

A block/requirement displaying a checkmark signifies that the block/requirement was met.
A block/requirement displaying an empty box signifies that the block/requirement was not met.
A block/requirement displaying a single blue squiggly line signifies the block/requirement is in-progress.

Required Credits/Required Courses – the number of credits or courses required, if listed.

Degree Works is an on-line advising tool to help students and advisors monitor students’ progress toward degree completion. Degree Works matches students’ coursework (completed, currently enrolled, or registered for in the future) to degree requirements in the Undergraduate and/or Graduate Bulletins in an easy-to-read worksheet that shows how the courses count toward degree requirements. It does not replace or supersede the guidance offered by your faculty advisor and the academic departments within the colleges and schools of Wilkes University. The system is continuously updated with the latest information as it becomes available. If any inaccuracies or disputed results are found, please call the Registrar’s Office at x5080 or email Thank you.