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Online Degree Evaluation

Academic Advising and Online Degree Evaluations 

“What do I need to take to graduate?”
“Am I on schedule to graduate on time?”
“What if I change my major?”

These are common questions that many students ask at some point during their time at Wilkes. All students at the University are assigned to specially selected and trained faculty advisors. Prior to each registration period and at any other time during the year when there is some concern regarding course progression or departmental procedure, a conference with your advisor should be arranged. 

Student Responsibility

Students bear the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that they meet the requirements for the degree.   From your first semester, you should ensure that you are taking the courses required for your program. One way to do that is to meet with your advisor. Another way is to run an online degree evaluation. The Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP) online degree evaluation is a tool in the student information system. It does not replace the time spent with your advisors, but is a useful resource you have available at any time. You can access the online degree evaluation through the MyWilkes portal

The CAPP tool is designed to compare program requirements from the Wilkes University Undergraduate Bulletins with the individual student’s academic history as currently recorded in the University’s database. The system is continuously updated with the latest information as it becomes available.

Before registering for their last semester, seniors should obtain their Diploma Order, Senior Clearance Papers, and an unofficial copy of their transcript to review the graduation requirements with their academic advisor. All three forms must be returned to the Student Services Desk according to the deadlines for each commencement. Academic advising is the principal means for Wilkes to help students develop a coherent, comprehensive understanding of their educational experiences.

How to Run a Degree Evaluation for Students
How to Run a Degree Evaluation for Advisors
Glossary of Degree Evaluation Terms
How to Read the Degree Evaluation Results
Contact Information

If you have any questions or find information on your online degree evaluation that you feel is inaccurate or incomplete, please contact the Degree Evaluation specialist at 570-408-5080 or by email