Step 10 - Welcoming the New Employee

The new employee orientation process begins before the employee comes to work. Planning ahead for your new employee's arrival will allow you to spend productive time on that first day. So, before the employee arrives you should:

  • Notify all employees in your work area that a new team member will be joining the department and what the person's job will be. Ask the other staff members to welcome the new employee and encourage their support.
  • Prepare interesting tasks for the employee's first day.
  • Make a copy of the job description, performance management worksheet, campus organizational chart (contained in the most recent University Fact Book) and your department's organizational chart.
  • Confirm the employee will be included in a New Hire Benefits Orientation by calling the Sr. Employee Benefits Administrator at x4644.
  • Be sure the employee's work location is accessible, clean, and organized.
  • Arrange for the employee’s computer, telephone, cell phone and P-Card (if required) to be available on the first day of work.
  • If possible, identify a staff member to act as a guide for the first week.
  • Put together a list of key people the employee should meet and interview to get a broader understanding of their roles.
  • Arrange for a location or building key (if necessary).
  • Draft a training plan for the new employee's first few months.

The First Day of Work

A new employee may be anxious about starting a new job. Try to create a comfortable environment and remember not to overwhelm the new employee with too much information on the first day. Orientation is a continuing process, so there will be plenty of time to give the employee all the necessary information. On the first day, you should:

  • Give a warm welcome and try to reduce any nervousness the new employee may feel.
  • Discuss your plan for first day.
  • Introduce the employee to other staff members.
  • Accompany the new employee to the Human Resources department to complete any remaining employment paperwork. (Benefits enrollment will be completed following the employee’s scheduled orientation).
  • Arrange to have lunch with the new employee if your schedule allows.
  • Show the new employee around the office/campus.
  • Review the job description and organizational charts with the employee.
  • Review telephone, copier, fax, network, e-mail, and Internet use.
  • Arrange for the employee to meet with their Mentor. If a Mentor has not been assigned, reach out to the HR office to request a Mentor.