Screening Resumes/Applications

Step 5 - Screening Resumes/ Applications

Applicants must meet all the minimum qualifications as specified in the position description to be considered a candidate for the position. By examining qualifications, the hiring supervisor can usually categorize applicants as:

Yes/to be interviewed – Candidates who meet minimum qualifications and appear to be a good organizational fit based on their resume/application. Schedule interviews.

No – ApplicantPro uses filter questions to automatically separate applicants who do not meet the minimum education/experience requirements. Candidates who do not meet the minimum qualifications should not be contacted initially. Once the final candidate has officially accepted the position, the Human Resources department will send these applicants a rejection notification via e-mail.

Maybe – Applications/resumes that do not clearly illustrate whether or not the applicant meets minimum qualifications. Hold until the “yes” candidates are screened. Hiring managers may also choose to phone screen these candidates to assist with moving them to the “yes” or “no” categories.