Selecting the Final Candidate

Step 9 - Selecting the Final Candidate

  • After all interviews are complete and candidates have been evaluated, the top candidate is selected for employment based on qualifications, knowledge, skills and abilities related to performing the essential functions, duties and responsibilities of the position. Once this candidate has been selected, the hiring supervisor first contacts the head of the Human Resources department to confirm salary and other details of the employment offer.

  • Following the confirmation from HR, the supervisor makes a conditional verbal offer of employment to the final candidate. It is imperative to make it clear to the candidate that the offer is contingent upon favorable reference and background check results as conducted by the Human Resources department based on information provided in the Application Form. The hiring supervisor should also inform the candidate that a written offer letter will be provided. The letter will notify the candidate to confirm his/her acceptance within one week of its receipt.

  • Upon receiving verbal acceptance from the candidate, the hiring supervisor must notify HR as soon as possible by submitting the Personnel Status Change Form. This form will communicate the selected candidate’s information (i.e., full name, address, title, salary, start date, etc.) to HR.

  • Upon receipt of the Personnel Status Change form, HR will use the information provided to prepare and e-mail a standard University offer letter to the selected candidate, with a copy to the supervisor.

  • When the selected candidate’s signed offer is returned, HR will send notification to all remaining applicants notifying them that an applicant was chosen and the search is now closed. Alternatively, the supervisor/committee may choose to send a separate e-mail to the candidates who were interviewed but not chosen for the position (see example below). If so, the supervisor/search chair should forward that verbiage and a list of the candidates to HR. All e-mails are stored in AppicantPro for easy tracking.

Employment paperwork will be provided via e-mail to the applicant, and the background investigation will also be initiated at this time. Once the process is complete, the hiring supervisor will be notified. Please note the background check typically takes 10 working days. Per University policy, the selected candidate is not permitted to begin work until it is complete.

Sample e mail communication:

Dear Candidate:

Thank you for your interest in Wilkes University and the position of __________. The Search Committee enjoyed meeting with you and appreciate the time you took to visit our campus to discuss this position with us.

We have carefully evaluated the credentials of all of our applicants. While we were impressed with your talents and accomplishments, we believe the strengths and qualifications of the candidate we have chosen more closely match the needs for this position.

I wish you the best in your job search and all future endeavors. Thank you again for your interest in Wilkes University.


Title and

Chair of the Search Committee