Step 3 - Personnel Requisition

Once the Position Description is finalized, the Personnel Requisition process is initiated via DocuSign. This process allows hiring managers to receive approval to fill, create or revise a staff position. The electronic form is available through the portal and is set up to route automatically to the required signers.

SECTIONS A & B - Completed by the hiring supervisor and forwarded to Human Resources (HR) with a written rationale for the request and the current position description.

SECTION C - HR provides position classification and forwards to the Finance/Budget for funding approval.

SECTION D – Following review, the position is authorized, created and funded in the Banner/Finance System by Finance Office/Budget. The completed Requisition is returned to HR, who will notify the department Head that the position is ready for Cabinet approval.

  • Once final approval is received, the hiring manager can begin the search process by completing the Position Announcement Template and returning to HR for posting. All positions are posted to the Wilkes website as well as many other free job boards.
  • Faculty positions can also be posted on paid sites such as the Chronicle of Higher Education and Higher Ed Jobs, by request.

Search Committee - In some cases, the hiring supervisor may elect to form a hiring committee to assist with the recruitment and hiring process. If so, it is often helpful to choose another member of the department (such as the supervisor’s counterpart or another experienced employee) and/or a member of another department whose position is impacted by the open position to participate on the committee. All committee members should clearly understand the vacant position’s connection both to the department’s strategic goals and objectives and to the University’s overall mission, vision and values.

A selection committee may assist with:

  • Bringing objectivity to the overall process
  • Reviewing the position description
  • Screening resumes
  • Developing interview questions
  • Interviewing and evaluating candidates
  • Documenting interview results and selection decision