Twelve-Month Faculty Vacation Benefits

Vacation time off with pay is available to twelve-month faculty to provide opportunities for rest, relaxation and personal pursuits. All twelve-month faculty members will receive a 140 hours of vacation, which will be available at the start of each fiscal year. Newly hired twelve-month faculty will receive a prorated amount of vacation hours, 11.67 hours for each month of the remaining months of the current fiscal year, depending upon the date of hire. For example, new twelve-month faculty starting in January (five months remaining in the fiscal year × 11.67 hours) will receive 58.35 vacation hours upon hire.

Carry Over

Effective Dec. 1, 2023, earned and unused vacation hours must be used by Dec. 31 of each year. Beginning Jan. 1 of each year, the maximum number of unused vacation carry over for twelve-month faculty members is 10 days or 70 hours.

Termination of Employment

Employees must provide adequate, written advance notice of their intent to resign in order to qualify for vacation payout. Twelve-month faculty are required to provide at least four weeks of notice. Vacation time cannot be used to extend the date of termination. Eligible unused vacation time will be paid in the employee’s final paycheck. The last day of actual work will be considered the employee's termination date.

When appropriate notice is provided, eligible faculty will receive a payout of their available unused vacation hours based on an accrual rate of 11.67 hours per completed month as illustrated below.

Completed Month Vacation Payout
June 0 hours
July 11.67 hours
August 23.34 hours
September 35.01 hours
October 46.68 hours
November 58.35 hours
December 70.02 hours
January 81.69 hours
February 93.36 hours
March 105.03 hours
April 116.7 hours
May 128.37 hours
Effective Date: 6/1/2020
Revised: 12/1/2023