Access to Human Resources (HR) Files

Wilkes University maintains a confidential Human Resources (HR) file on each employee (faculty/staff).

These files are confidentially stored and maintained on line and are the property of Wilkes University. Only information in the online file is classified as the employee’s Human Resources file. Any information that is not contained in the employee’s online file is not considered part of the employee’s official Wilkes University employee record.

Access to the information in HR files is restricted. Generally, only supervisors and management staff of Wilkes University who have a legitimate reason are allowed to review information in an HR file. Employees currently employed or on leave of absence have access to their files.

Employees must contact the HR department in writing with a minimum of two business days advance notice to access their file. In order to maintain the integrity of employee records, HR files can only be accessed in the HR department with an HR representative present during normal business hours. During this meeting, employees may take notes on the file contents.

Effective Date: 2/1/2004
Revision Date: 1/8/2013
Reviewed: 09/2018