Personal Leave

Wilkes University recognizes that employees may require time outside of the workplace to focus on personal circumstances. Thus, regular Full time staff (who have successfully completed their probationary period) may request an unpaid personal leave of absence for a maximum of 30 calendar days.


  1. Please download the Personal Leave of Absence Request Form (.pdf) and submit to the department supervisor as soon as possible prior to the anticipated start of the leave. Submitting the request does not guarantee approval.
  2. The department supervisor, in conjunction with Human Resources and the department head, will review the request. Wilkes University maintains sole discretion to deny or grant the request for unpaid personal leave. Factors to be considered include, but are not limited to, the employee’s job performance and attendance record, the impact on current department requirements and the reason for the leave. Ineligible reasons for unpaid personal leave include, but are not limited to:
    1. To accept other employment
    2. To pursue an independent business venture
    3. To use in lieu of any other leave of absence provision (e.g. FMLA, Military Leave, etc.)
  3. The employee remains responsible for their share of the cost of all current benefit premiums during the personal leave period.
  4. Employees do not accrue additional paid time off benefits during the personal leave period.
  5. Employees on unpaid personal leave will not receive Holiday or Bereavement Pay.
  6. If an employee is unable to return from a personal leave of absence as scheduled, he/she must contact a department supervisor or Human Resources. Failure to return from the leave of absence or to make such contact may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

The Human Resources Department and the applicable department management are responsible for coordinating the implementation of this policy and for providing guidance on the interpretation of specific policy requirements.

Effective Date: 10/2013
Reviewed: 01/2019