Nursing Mothers in the Workplace Breastfeeding Policy


To provide reasonable break time for nursing employees to express breast milk.


This policy applies to all nursing employees at Wilkes University.


A nursing employee will be provided reasonable break time to breast feed or express breast milk for her nursing child for the first year of the child’s life. These break periods will be given each time the employee has need to breastfeed or express breast milk.

The lactation room is located at Passan Hall in the 1st floor conference room. The room is a private and sanitary place for nursing employees to breast feed or express their milk during work hours with an electrical outlet, comfortable chair, and nearby access to running water. Employees who wish to reserve the lactation room should call extension 4730. Employees may also use their private office area for breastfeeding or milk expression, if they prefer.

A refrigerator will be made available for safe storage of expressed breast milk in the lactation room. Employees may use their own cooler packs to store expressed breast milk. Employees should provide their own containers, clearly labeled with name and date. Those using the University provided refrigerators are responsible for keeping them clean.

All employees are expected to provide an atmosphere of support for breastfeeding employees.

Policy Implementation

The Human Resources Department and the applicable department management are responsible for coordinating the implementation of this policy and for providing guidance on the interpretation of specific policy requirements.

Contact: LynnMarie Shedlock, Human Resources Manager - Employee Relations & Development | (570) 408-2034 |
Effective Date: 9/22/2010
Revised: 12/2017