Student Development

Contact: Gretchen Yeninas, Dean of Student Life

The Student Development Office offers a wide array of educational and social experiences that enhance the quality of student life and learning. A few of the programs offered include the Cultural Series, Adventure Education, and the Weekend Entertainment Series. The Cultural Series introduces students to the world of art and performance by providing opportunities for students to experience visual art, music, theater and dance, both locally and in larger Metropolitan areas, such as New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D. C. The Wilkes Adventure Education (WAE) program is an alternative learning experience designed to challenge students to engage in physically demanding activities (i.e.—rock climbing, white water rafting and hiking) that emphasize wellness and provide practical leadership tools and lessons on teamwork. The Weekend Entertainment Series gives students a variety of low-cost entertainment options to choose from each weekend. In addition, there are also several day trips offered each semester.

Student Center

Contact: Stacy Mullen, Director of Student Development 

As the center of University community life, the Student Center complements the academic experience through a variety of cultural, educational, social and recreational programs.

In addition, the Student Activities Office, Adventure Education Office, Cooperative Education and Internship Office, Leadership Development Center, and Office of Civic Engagement are located there.

Any campus organization wishing to reserve space in the Student Center should contact the Office of Student Development at ext. 3334. Reservations are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

University Clubs


The co-curricular activities available depend greatly on the interests and energies of students. Wilkes recognizes more than 60 clubs and organizations of various purposes whose primary function is to entertain, inform, and stimulate all members of the campus community. Most campus organizations actively seek student support and participation—all on a voluntary basis. Student initiative and enthusiasm are key to what each organization accomplishes and achieves.

The University requires that all campus organizations be open to all students; consequently, groups that are exclusive do not exist. All students work in cooperation with faculty advisors, the Office of Student Development and the Dean of Student Life. The assignment of the advisors to campus organization is subject to approval by the University President.

To receive additional information about a specific organization or student clubs and organizations in general, please contact the Student Activities Office at extension 4111 or by emailing

Club Sports

Definition of a Club Sport

A Club Sport is defined as a recognized student government organization that participates in and promotes a particular sport or physical activity. Wilkes University does not assume any risk for participation in club sport activities. Each participant assumes full responsibility for injuries or subsequent results of injuries sustained during club activity or travel in connection with the sport.

Responsibilities & Requirements

Each club should appoint or designate a student representative to develop and maintain an accurate membership roster at the beginning of each semester and submit it to the Office of Student Development ( Changes to the roster should be updated throughout the semester as needed. Rosters will be provided to Health and Wellness Services. Prior to participation in any club-related sporting practices, games or events, students must have an updated Health Form on file with Health and Wellness Services.

Wilkes University encourages all members participating in club sports to have an annual physical examination. It is the responsibility of the participants to evaluate their health in relation to the demands of the sport. All club sports participants are required to sign a Release and Acknowledgement of Risk form prior to participation in any Club practices, games, or events.  It is the responsibility of the club president (or representative) to have these forms signed and submitted to the Office of Student Affairs.

It is highly recommended that all sports clubs have two (2) members who have completed the American Heart Association (AHA) Heartsaver First Aid course with Adult CPR and AED training and hold a current course completion card. This training can be scheduled by contacting the AHA Training Center at Wilkes University at ext. 4089. Each Club should have a University-issued first aid kit available during all practices and events. These University-issued first aid kits will be loaned to each club at the start of the year. To request a first aid kit, club leaders should email .

Injury, Accident & Incident Reporting

Clubs are required to submit an injury report for all injuries, accidents or incidents related to club activities to the Office of Health and Wellness within one (1) business day. For emergency situations, students should call 911 and the University Police office (570-408-4999).

Health Insurance

All students must have their own personal health insurance to participate in a University Club Sport. It is responsibility of each participant to verify their own insurance status and ensure they have appropriate coverage for all club related activities, including travel. Wilkes University does not provide any accident, health, hospitalization insurance or the like for participants in recreational/club sports.


Club Officers are responsible for the procurement, maintenance, and storage of needed equipment and supplies.

Transportation and Travel

It is each club's responsibility to make travel and transportation arrangements for all off-campus games and events. Use of Student Government vehicles will follow the University vehicle policy and Student Government guidelines.

The use of private vehicles is allowed, however, the university will not assume responsibility for accidents, damage or injury resulting from such travel.

Driver Verifications

As required by PA state law, all drivers should possess a valid driver's license, a safe driving record, and current, adequate insurance coverage. If a club member plans on driving themselves or other club members to a club sports event using a University vehicle, they must be an approved driver per the University Vehicle Use policy (.pdf).

Travel Expectations

Traveling as a Club Sport team representing Wilkes University is a privilege. As such the following is expected while traveling:

  • Follow all administrative requirements in a timely manner prior to departing as previously described.
  • Always adhere to the University's student Code of Conduct.
  • Refrain from alcohol consumption while traveling.
  • Respect the property of others, including but not limited to hotels, host sites, rented and personal vehicles, personal property, etc.

Student Government

Contact: Carter Henritzy, President
Advisors: Philip Ruthkosky, PhD; Gretchen Yeninas; Stacy Mullen; Catie Becker

Student Government (SG) is the main student governing organization on campus. The SG office is located on the first floor of the Student Center, X 2910. Membership consists of six elected representatives from each class; the Commuter Council, Programming Board, Multi-Cultural Student Coalition (MSC) and Residence Hall Council (RHC) presidents; the four class executive boards; and the Student Government President who, as an Associate Member, may vote only in the case of a tie. Meetings are open to all interested student and are held every Wednesday night that classes are in session at 6 p.m. in the Miller Conference Room on the second floor of the Henry Student Center.

Student Government serves as a coordinating agency. It formulates the student activities budget and is responsible for the supervision on expenditures within that budget as the budget is approved by the President of the University. Student Government plans and supervises Homecoming Weekend activities and Spring Fling. SG is also involved in numerous community services projects each year. It recommends regulations pertaining to student life to the Student Life and Success Cabinet and consults with and advises the Deans. It also recommends student nominees for appointment to selected University committees. A copy of the SG constitution, additional procedures and a complete list of member is available on the Student Government home page.

Nominations for First Year Student Representatives are held in September and the elections take place in mid-September. Anyone interested in running for office should contact and SG Executive Officer or an advisor.

Commuter Council

Contact: Caleb Gething, President

Commuter Council (CC) is made up of representatives elected from the commuting students. CC works closely with the Student Life and Success Cabinet, the Residence Hall Council and Student Government. Its major function is to deal with the concerns of commuter students—policies, parking, etc—and to present these concerns to the administration. CC hosts educational and social activities for the commuting student at the University. Scheduled meetings are announced at the beginning of each semester.

Residence Hall Council

Contact: Natalie Hernandez, President

The Residence Hall Council (RHC) consists of elected representatives from each campus residence hall. Its major function is to deal with the concerns of resident students—policies, hall improvements, maintenance, etc—and to present these concerns to the administration. RHC works closely with Student Development, Student Government, and Commuter Council to plan campus-wide social events and activities. The Residence Life office works closely with RHC to develop and administer residence hall policy in conjunction with the Student Life and Success Cabinet. Scheduled meetings are announced at the beginning of each semester. All students are welcome to attend RHC meetings and/or serve as a member of one of its committees.

Multicultural Student Coalition

Contact: Katherine Ermeus, President

The Multicultural Student Coalition (MSC) is made up of representatives of the entire student body. MSC works closely with the Student Affairs Cabinet, Office of Diversity Initiatives, and Student Government. MSC is responsible for providing campus-wide programming to promote social justice, diversity, and cultural appreciation. Scheduled meetings are announced at the beginning of each semester. The group offers several annual events including the One World party, Black History Month programming, and the MSC Talent Show.

Programming Board

Contact: Kimberly Wheeler, President

The Wilkes University Programming Board (WUPB) is responsible for providing quality entertainment for the campus. WUPB is open to all students with an interest in contacting agents and performers, making campus arrangements for events, promoting and publicizing shows, providing hospitality for performers and hosting a variety of social programming to all undergraduate students. WUPB presents novelty and entertainment acts, monthly BINGO, as well as major concerts. They also provide reduced-cost tickets for the local movie theater. As a member of WUPB, students develop organizational, marketing, public relations and technical skills. Meetings are held every Thursday at 11:30 a.m. The WUPB office is location on the first floor of the Henry Student Center.

Civic Engagement

Contact: Catie Becker; Director of Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement Office at Wilkes University supports and enhances the academic, personal, and professional development of students, staff and faculty of Wilkes University by coordinating service and leadership experiences across campus. The Civic Engagement Office serves as a resource for leveraging resources amongst the campus and local, national, and global community partners.

Wilkes Adventure Education (WAE)

Contact: Jill Price, Coordinator

The Wilkes Adventure Education (WAE) program encourages students to step outside their comfort zone to participate in new experiences. This includes leadership opportunities, physical challenges, and exploration of the world around us. Students are trained to lead small (and big) groups on our campus high ropes course and rock wall. Frequent day and weekend trips are made into the outdoors, including hikes, camping and biking. Spring break trips to explore nature have included visits to the Grand Canyon and the Pacific coast.

Colonel's Closet

"The Colonel's Closet" is a food pantry exclusively devoted to supporting members of the Wilkes community who may be in need of extra assistance. A variety of nutritional and personal care items are available at the discretion of the student. Requests can be made using the Colonel's Closet request form external website.