Procedures for Becoming a Club

APPENDIX B - Procedure for Becoming a Recognized Undergraduate Student Club/Organization

Wilkes University encourages involvement in extracurricular activities as an integral part of student development. The University recommends that all student clubs or organizations seek recognition. Recognition grants the club/organization the ability to use campus facilities upon approval of the appropriate University official, to request funds from the Student Government, and to benefit from the accounting procedures of the Financial Management Office and the Office of Student Development. All campus clubs/organizations must have an active membership of at least five students and be open to all students; consequently, groups that are exclusive do not exist at Wilkes. 


  1. The Dean of Student Life should be contacted and notified of the intention to establish a new club/organization. 
  2. A notice of intent to organize a new club/organization should be advertised campus wide, and organizational meetings should be held. 
  3. An advisor (professional staff member or faculty) must be selected and approved by the President or designee. 
  4. The prospective club/organization must submit a constitution to the Student Government for review. This constitution must minimally include:
    • Club/organization name
    • Statement of open membership
    • Statement of purpose
    • Officers and duties
    • Elections and voting eligibility
    • Provision for removal and replacement of officers
    • Provision for amendments and revisions
  5. The constitution must be presented to Student Government at two consecutive meetings. Student Government can send the constitution back for review and revision before agreeing to vote on it.
  6. If the constitution is passed by a Student Government majority, the club/organization is recognized.