The academic year consists of two fifteen-week semesters, each of which includes a final examination period.

The fall semester normally begins in late August and concludes with final examinations in December. The spring semester begins in mid-January and closes with a final examination period in May. An optional Intersession is offered in January.

The University also provides a broad range of courses, workshops, mini-courses, and programs with outdoor activities during the summer months. The summer schedule includes a three-week pre-session, two five-week day sessions, and a nine-week evening session, plus special mini-sessions. The first regular summer session begins in early June and concludes in mid-July; the second regular summer session begins in mid-July and ends in late August. The nine-week evening session, which begins in early June and ends in early August, complements these two day-school summer sessions.

Commencement exercises are held at the close of the spring semester and summer sessions. Any fall graduates may participate in the May ceremony.

For detailed calendar see Registrar's page.