Inclement Weather Policy


For the most reliable postponement, closing and reopening information, members of the Wilkes community and visitors should rely on these official sources of information:

The University's goal is to keep the campus open whenever possible.

In the event of inclement weather, University officials will make every attempt to render a prompt decision regarding curtailment of classes and activities.

Decisions will be based on weather forecasts, campus conditions and the conditions surrounding the University. The University will continue operation of essential and emergency services during inclement weather closings. For more information on the inclement weather policy during the pandemic, please visit the Fall Planning page.

Once a decision to curtail operations has been made,

the information will be disseminated on campus and to the media and will indicate whether classes are canceled or if we are moving to a compressed schedule. Every effort will be made to make morning announcements by 6am and decisions regarding evening classes by 4pm.

Announcements regarding delays or cancellations will be made on local television stations. Students, faculty and staff may also call the Inclement Weather Hotline (408-SNOW - 570-408-7669) to learn if class and work schedules have been altered. Callers will hear a recorded message announcing any change in schedule. Information on class cancellations or work-schedule changes will be placed on the line as soon as it becomes official.

The University recognizes that our commuting students come from a wide geographic area
and that road conditions can vary greatly throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Common sense and good judgment should act as a guide as to whether or not students can get to the University, or if a departure from campus earlier than closing time is required. We anticipate that the Faculty will respect student judgment in these matters. In such situations students should make every effort to notify an instructor in advance regarding their inability to travel to campus. If advance contact cannot be made, then students should speak to their instructors about their absence upon their return to campus.

Cross-registered students at King's College and Misericordia University should be certain to check the decisions made for those campuses.

If classes are not canceled, but an individual faculty member is

unable to conduct class, then the faculty member should contact the department chair and/or department office to arrange for student notification. Faculty are encouraged to arrange a system for communicating to their students should it be necessary to cancel class.

In cases when the University closes, full-time and part-time employees

who are scheduled to work during declared times of closing will be granted time off from work with pay. Employees who are not scheduled to work will not be paid for the closing.

When the decision has been made not to curtail operations, but traveling

conditions are unsafe along an employee's route to work, staff are encouraged to use their judgment and take vacation leave or a personal day if necessary. Staff members who have not accrued vacation or personal leave will not be compensated when they miss work because of inclement weather. Staff who are on sick leave, vacation, family and medical leave or taking a personal day when a closing occurs must report the leave as originally scheduled.

Mon, Wed, Fri Compressed Schedule
Normal Compressed
8-8:50am 10-10:40am
9-9:50am 10:45-11:25am
10-10:50am 11:30am-12:10pm
11-11:50am 12:15-12:55pm
12-12:50pm 1-1:40pm
1-1:50pm 1:45-2:25pm
2-2:50pm 2:30-3:10pm
3-3:50pm 3:15-3:55pm
4-4:50pm 4-4:50pm
Regular night-class schedule

Tue, Thu Compressed Schedule
Normal Compressed
8-8:50am 10-10:50am
8-9:15am 10-10:50am
9-9:50am 11-11:50am
9:30-10:45am 11-11:50am
10-10:50am 12-12:50pm
1pm, resume regular class schedule.

Saturday and Sunday


8:30 - 12:30pm 10 - 1:30pm
1:30 - 5:30pm 2 - 5:30pm

Afternoon/Evening Schedule Only

During inclement weather, as an alternative to the compressed schedule, the University may choose to open at noon, remaining on a regular class schedule. This option will preserve the afternoon and evening schedule, and allow an extra two hours for road and weather conditions to improve. The notice given to the media will read: University opens at noon, maintain regular class schedule
Library Inclement Weather Policy
In the event that the campus is closed or delayed for weather, the upper floors of the library will close with the campus. The 24/7 basement will be open to students, faculty, and staff with WIN cards during weather related closures. For detailed information about library hours and closures, please see the library website.
Monday thru Thursday - 9am- 9pm
Friday - 9am- 5pm
Saturday - 11am- 6pm
Sunday - Noon- 8pm

Off Campus Sites
Off campus classes follow the host site.
Shuttle Operation
On days when the University moves to a Compressed Schedule the shuttle will begin running at 9:00 AM. If the University closes early, the Shuttle will run for one hour following the announced closing time.