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Title Author Year
Business And Society James E. Post 2002
Developing the Leaders Around You workbook John C. Maxwell 2003
Developing the Leadership Within You John C. Maxwell 1993
Do What You Are Paul D. Tieger 2001
Emotional Intelligence at Work Charles "Chic" Thompson 1998
Endgame: Values & Ethics in America - Video Exploring Leadership Susan R. Komives 1998
High Five Ken Blanchard 2001
How To Keep People From Pushing Your Buttons Albert Ellis 1994
How To Manage Conflict Peg Pickering 2000
Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty Dorothy Roberts 1997
Leadership James MacGregor Burns 1978
Leadership Rudolph W. Giuliani 2002
Leadership Secrets from the Executive Office George Hathaway 2004
Machiavelli On Modern Leadership Michael A.Ledeen 1999
Management Competing in the New Era Batemen 2002
Mastering Self Leadership Charles C. Manz, Chrostopher Neck 2004
Monday Morning Leadership David Cottrell 2002
Monday Morning Leadership for Women Valerie Sokolosky 2004
Organizational Behavior Schermerhorn 2003
Patterns of Culture Ruth Benedict 1989
Quick Thinking on Your Feet Valerie Pierce 2004
Race and Culture: A World View Thomas Sowell 1994
Reference library of Black America 5 Volumes Harry A. Ploski and James Williams 1990
Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard 2005
Shakespeare In Charge Norman Augustine 1999
Take a Chance Joseph Ilardo 2003
Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice: A Sourcebook Maurianne Adams, Lee Anne Bell, Pat Griffin 1997
The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership John C. Maxwell 1998
The Big Book OF Creativity Games Robert Epstein 2000
The Emotional Intelligence Activity Book: 50 Activities for Promoting EQ at Work Adele B. Lynn 2002
The Leader's Voice Tom Peters 2002
The Lombardi Rules Vince Lombardi Jr. 2005
The Powell Principles Oren Harari 2005
The Wisdom of the Ancient Greeks Steven Stavropoulos 2005
Trump How To Get Rich Meredith Mclver 2004
Trump The Art Of The Deal Tony Schwartz 1987
What A Great Idea Charles "Chic" Thompson 1992
What Color Is Your Parachute Richard N. Bolles 2005
Who Moved my Cheese? Spencer Johnson, M.D. 1998
Winners never Cheat Jon M. Huntsman 2005
Wooden on Leadership Steven Jamison 2005