The Wilkes University e-Mentoring Program provides first-year students with one-on-one and small group access to students who have been in their shoes before! This unique Wilkes experience through mentorship aids new Colonels in their transition to college as well as to provide an extraordinary supportive environment for academic excellence and personal growth.

Feb. 5

Returning e-Mentor/Coordinator apps due

Feb. 12

New e-Mentor applications due

March 14 - 27

Interview Process

If selected, applicants will move onto the second step in the hiring process: individual interviews with the hiring committee.

May 13 & 14

Spring Training Session

Dates subject to change.

July 8 & 10

Orientation Training

You must attend one of the dates

July 9, 11, 15

First-Year Student Orientation Sessions

Must be available for 2 days of Orientation (7/9 + 7/11 or 7/11 + 7/15).

Aug. 18

Return to campus for Fall Training Sessions

Aug. 19 - 21

Fall Training Sessions

Aug. 22

Move-in for First Year Students

Aug. 23 - 25

Civic Engagement and Welcome Weekend

Various Dates

Group Fall Semester Programs and Services

Dec. 8

End of Year Wrap-Up

Who are the e-Mentors?

A mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behavior. An effective mentor understands that their role is to be dependable, engaged, authentic and tuned in to the needs of the mentee.

Wilkes University e-Mentors are student leaders who have had a varied campus experience. e-Mentors include resident assistants, club members, student athletes, study abroad travelers, student researchers, honors program awardees and much more!

How the Program Works

Essentially, the e-Mentor is a Wilkes concierge, equipping the first-year students with information they need to have the best Wilkes experience possible!

Every incoming first-year and/or transfer student will receive an e-Mentor, an upperclassman in a related major that they can rely on for peer advice. This mentor becomes your guide and first friend at Wilkes!

e-Mentors communicate with their mentees prior to the start of the semester primarily through an introductory email sent in early June. First-year students meet their e-Mentors at summer orientation as they expertly guide them through the engaging experience.

The mentoring experience continues into Welcome Weekend and throughout the entire fall semester. e-Mentors provide information and resources available to students as they adjust to the University and college life, establishing a climate of trust, support and encouragement. e-Mentors are expected to communicate regularly with their mentees, but are not limited to electronic communication. Students often meet face-to-face for lunch or coffee, and mentee groups may attend campus events together as well.

Current e-Mentor Class

Aiden Allen

Majors: History and Secondary Education

Get to Know Aiden

I am a sophomore history and secondary education major. I am from Perryville, MD located in Cecil Country and graduated from Perryville High School. Wilkes was my first choice coming out of High School, but I decided to take a gap year. After my gap year, I still knew Wilkes was the right school for me. I live on campus and that allows me to have a build a strong relationship with the other students living on campus. The small class sizes help with build a strong relationship with your professors and really diving deep into whatever major you decide to go with. This will be my first year as a e-Mentor and I cannot wait to help the new students adjust to life at Wilkes by giving them someone they can come to with any problem they have.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the community that is built on campus. Being a smaller school, it allows you to build strong relationships with students and staff. Having a smaller class size lets you get that one on one time with your professor. That one on one time with your professor really allows you to grow more in whatever area you decide to. Wilkes provides a great opportunity to really discover yourself with the amount of clubs that are around campus. It gives you the chance to find what you like, while making friendships that will last a life time. At Wilkes it really feels like you are apart of a family and that family will help you be successful in not only school but in your personal life as well.

Andrea Arauz

Major: Biology Neuroscience

Get to Know Andrea

Hey there! My name is Andrea, I am senior Biology major pursuing medical school. I am an international student from the city of Panama. I graduated from Instituto Fermin Naudeau back in Panama. I work in the Starbucks located on campus and I enjoy it a lot. I also enjoy playing volleyball at the mini gathers that the Panamanian minority does in the UCOM. Watching series or comedy/action movies are my passion when having spare time. I hope to meet all of you and help with any campus or life in college related topics!

Why Wilkes?

I prefer to be at Wilkes University since I wanted to study a scientific career in a language other than my first language (Spanish). I also chose Wilkes University because it gives me the opportunity to surround myself with people from other cultures and get involved in the activities that they do(like global coffee hours). I enjoy Wilkes because there is almost always a disposition and guidance for the students in terms of learning and applying the knowledge learned for the first time.

Brenda Arias

Major: Hospitality Leadership

Get to Know Brenda

I am a first-generation sophomore in Hospitality Leadership. I am from Hanover Township, PA and graduated from Hanover Area Jr/Sr High school. Choosing Wilkes University was easy because it was close to home and it provided me a sense of closeness and familiarity. My introduction to Wilkes began through the Upward Bound program and that's where I familiarized myself more with the Wilkes Community. Even though I am a commuter, I still enjoy being a part of the campus events, clubs, and programs. I am the Hospitality club vice president, in which I am in charge of planning events for the club, scheduling volunteer opportunities for our surrounding community members, as well us keeping the club up to date with any new trends in the industry. I am also a member of the Wilkes University Bonner Leader Program, in which I am responsible to complete volunteer work in the community as a part of my work study program! Also, as a member of the Honors Program, I have the opportunity to surround myself with likeminded individuals with similar aspirations and goals, as well as be exposed to exclusive learning opportunities! This will be my first year as an e-mentor and I hope to be able to help and guide new students as they adjust to college life and introduce them to all the incredible things Wilkes has to offer!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the immense amount of opportunities this school has to offer. Transitioning from High school to college is challenging for some people, but Wilkes faculty and students make the transition all the better and more enjoyable. Due to all the clubs that the school offers, it is very easy to become involved in the Wilkes community and start making those valuable connections with everyone around you. Owing to the small class sizes, you're able to connect to not only your peers but your professors as well, allowing you to develop a bond with them and become more involved in conducting research or anything of the like. Wilkes values community and they do their best to make everyone here at home and feel as if they're part of something!

Kara Beerley

Major: Psychology

Minors: Business Administration, Women's and Gender Studies

Get to Know Kara

I am from Harleysville, Pennsylvania and am just returning from a semester abroad in England! I love to spend my time outdoors exploring and going on adventures, going to concerts, and doing yoga! Here, I help plan and organize trips with Wilkes Adventure Education (WAE), and am a member of psi-chi and the honors program. Outside of school, you'll find me as a barista, waitress, and group facilitator. I am looking forward to another great year of e-mentoring!

Why Wilkes?

I love Wilkes for its countless opportunities for growth and challenge, with so many clubs, activities, and professional development experiences to learn from. I have always felt supported in what I'm doing from both faculty and students.

Jaci (Jackie) Bickel

Major: Political Science

Minor: Possible Legal Studies

Get to Know Jaci (Jackie)

Hi mentees! I'm a sophomore political science and international relations major with a legal studies minor. I'm from Altoona, PA, and graduated from Hollidaysburg Area Senior High School. I chose Wilkes because it's a new adventure that I'm so excited to share with you! I am the Executive Board Treasurer in Wilkes Student Government, and a part of Speech and Debate, along with being a part of Ski Club and PLS (Pre-Law Society)! This is my first year as an e-mentor and I'm so happy to be able to explore campus with you!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because I knew I wanted to develop myself in a different area from my hometown. Wilkes allows for social and academic growth with peers that are able to help and guide you every step of the way. At Wilkes You Will!

Maxine Bodnari

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Get to Know Maxine

I am a Senior Biology major from Ephrata, PA near Lancaster County. I graduated from Ephrata High school in 2020 and found my home here at Wilkes later that same year. The reason I chose Wilkes was because of how welcoming they were to me and how because they are such a small school they can offer a very personal approach to their students. I liked the fact that if I ever needed help from a teacher or tutor of any kind, it was always within reach. Some of my hobbies include hiking, yoga, going on fun adventures with my friends. I also like volunteering at home for local fundraisers to help those in need and work at my local pool and catering company. I currently am minoring in chemistry and pre-dental. I plan to continue my education into dental school. I am very excited to be your E-Mentor and help you guys have an amazing Wilkes Experience!

Why Wilkes?

I choose Wilkes University because of its small closely knit community. I loved how the students and faculty were so inviting and informative when I first arrived to my visit. I found this to be much different than other big schools I had visited when I was just one out of a handful of applicants. Having caring advisors and an active community here at Wilkes is what drew me to the university and what has kept me here the past 3 years.

Shelby Brazes

Major: Criminology Psychology

Minor: Legal Studies Women & Gender Studies

Get to Know Shelby

I am a Senior Criminology and Psychology double major with minors in Legal Studies and Women & Gender Studies. I am from Lehighton/Bethlehem Pa and graduated from Palmerton Area High School. I chose Wilkes because of its tight knit community feel and all the ways to get involved. I get involved a bunch of ways! I am a member of Student Government where I am a Class Representative. I am a part of Programming Board where I am on Executive Board and help plan/run our weekly events. I am also a second year Resident Assistant on campus for upperclassmen. This will be my first year as an e mentor but I can't wait to help new students adjust and fall in love with Wilkes!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of its sense of community. It's easy to get involved on campus because there are so many clubs to join and events are hosted every week. We're such a tight knit campus that I feel like I know most people here. I have met so many other students, professors, and advisors that help motivate and encourage me every step of the way to be the best I can be. Wilkes has truly been the perfect place for me to learn and grow.

Adam Butterwick

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: N/A

Get to Know Adam

Hi, my name is Adam Butterwick, and I am a sophomore engineering major. I'm from Phillipsburg, New Jersey and graduated from a small town high institution called Belvidere High School. The reason I chose Wilkes University to help propel me into my future is because of the amazing networking opportunities it has with engineering jobs in the area, as well as its sense of community. I currently live on campus, and the living amenities and activities that occur on campus make living here very comfortable. I am also currently in Student Government, which helps run many of the large scale events and fundraisers that happen throughout the semester, which is a really fun way to spend my spare time. As a first year E-Mentor, I look forward to meeting the upcoming Colonels and helping make their adjustment to this intimidating transition as smooth as possible.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the sense of community and togetherness that it brought to the table. Everyone seems interconnected to a degree that not only makes socializing a lot more comfortable, but resources on campus more accessible as well.

Samara Carey

Major: Psychology Criminology

Minors: Women and Gender Studies

Get to Know Samara

Hi, My name is Samara! I am a sophomore Psychology and Criminology double major from Nanticoke, PA, which is about 15 minutes from Wilkes. I graduated from Holy Redeemer High School, which is only about two blocks away! Since I was so close to Wilkes all of my life, I was eager to learn more about it during my college search. After touring multiple colleges, and learning more about their academic programs, I realized that Wilkes was the perfect match for me. Other than being an E-Mentor, I am a member of the Psychology Club and Programming Board. When I am not on campus, I am most likely working as a cashier at my local grocery store, listening to Taylor Swift, or spending time with friends. This is my first year as an E-Mentor and I can't wait to welcome you all to campus!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because the second I stepped onto campus it immediately felt like home. Being a local, Wilkes gives me the perfect opportunity to branch out and meet new people, while also being able to still see my family. Coming from high school, Wilkes welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me to try new things, get involved on campus, and take advantage of both the academic and social aspects that this campus has. Overall, Wilkes will provide you with a big college feeling but will give you small college rewards.

Eza Chaudhry

Major: Management

Minor: Marketing

Get to Know Eza

Hello everyone! My name is Eza Chaudhry and I am a senior pursuing my degree in Business Administration in Management with a minor in marketing. I am from Mountain Top, PA so I'm only about 20 minutes from campus but with how much I am on campus people probably think I live here. I'm aspiring to work in hospital administration and by going to Wilkes that dream seems closer now than ever. I originally came to Wilkes as a completely different major but because of how great the programs here are, I stayed to complete my degree in business. I've made many friends over the years and discovered many new things about myself that I feel I would not be able to do anywhere else. I have participated in many clubs on campus and I do my best to stay active but Wilkes makes that easy. The advisors, professors, and staff helped me grow as a person and a young adult. And I hope to help many new students adjust from the high school experience to a college one like my mentor has done for me.

Why Wilkes?

I originally chose Wilkes due to how close to home it is but I stayed because of how easy it was to make friends, stay connected and be active on campus. Wilkes is a small university but that only means that with smaller classes and less students, professors can be more individual and you can get a one-on-one experience that you wouldn’t get somewhere else. In my experience, Wilkes will has many bonding opportunities with peers as long as there’s events, clubs or trips it’s so easy to have that college experience that everyone talks about.

Morgann Davis

Major: Nursing

Get to Know Morgann

I am from Shippensburg, PA which is about 2 1/2 hours from Wilkes. I love spending time with friends and my amazing golden retriever, Bentley! I will be a senior nursing student this semester. I chose Wilkes University because of the well-known nursing program and the small class sizes. Although campus is small, there is still so much school spirit and sense of community on campus. Since the first time stepping on campus, I could tell how passionate the faculty and staff are about helping the students succeed and reach their goals. Aside from being an e-Mentor, I am involved in Christian Fellowship Club, Society of Student Nurses, Nursing Student Organization, Zeta Psi (Nursing Honor Society), and pep band. I am so grateful that I get to be an e-Mentor again this year and I can’t wait to make everyone feel welcomed on campus and apart of the Colonel Family!

Why Wilkes?

I love the small campus atmosphere here on campus and the feeling of community that exists. I love how passionate the faculty and staff here are about helping the students and making sure they succeed. One other reason I love going to school here is the number of opportunities you have to get involved. My goal is to help others adjust to college life in general and to make sure they feel a part of the Colonel family.

Lizzy Franco

Major: Pharmacy

Get to Know Lizzy

I am a junior/P1 Pharmacy major. I am from Northampton, PA which is about a hour from Wilkes. Wilkes was my first choice because not only did it offer the Pharmacy Program, but I loved they small campus feel that Wilkes has. Besides being an e-mentor, I also TA for Bio 121 and 122. This is my first year as an e-mentor, and I look forward to getting to meet all of you and help with your transition to college!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the opportunity to pursue a degree in Pharmacy, as well as the close-knit feel that Wilkes has. At Wilkes, it is very easy to get involved and build relationships with people that you will have for the rest of your life.

Emma Freels

Major: Middle Level Education

Minor: concentration in Mathematics

Get to Know Emma

I am a junior majoring in middle level education with a concentration in mathematics! I am from Plymouth Meeting, PA, which is just outside of Philadelphia, so I'm not too far from home, but I feel like I've built another home here at Wilkes and the best friends I've made are the ones I wasn't expecting. The community here has been extremely supportive of my goals and has encouraged me to grow a lot personally. I love knowing how much the education department cares, and I love that I got to observe and even teach within my first year! I am part of the Honors and Barre Scholars Programs, which have been an exciting challenge. I am also in the Ultimate Frisbee Club and Education Club, and I am very excited to be the Social Media Coordinator for e-Mentoring!! I can't wait to guide you through this adjustment and all these new opportunities so that you can reach your goals and find a piece of home at Wilkes :)

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because I liked the idea of going to a small school where I can know my classmates and where professors and advisors care about their students' success. There is such a supportive community here, and so many opportunities to make incredible friends through classes, clubs, and campus events. There are opportunities for everyone to find people who have similar or different interests. This community has already allowed me to grow so much personally, and I am so grateful for the people it has brought into my life.

Ellie Freiss

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Physics

Get to Know Ellie

I am a senior Mechanical Engineering major with a Physics minor from Bethlehem, PA which is about an hour and a half away from Wilkes University. This is my third year as an e-Mentor and I am very excited to help the new students transition into life here at Wilkes. I am a Wilkes Adventure Education Facilitator, a coordinator for the American Society of Mechanical Engineering, and a member of the Programming Board. I also hold a work study position as a TA for engineering courses. I am excited to meet all the incoming first year students!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the small class sizes and the close proximity to my house. The professors are always available to help students to ensure success in the classroom. Wilkes offers the personalized education of a small school with the resources of a large school. Outside of the classroom, Wilkes offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities to create truly well rounded students.

Darwin Gonzalez

Major: Electrical Engineering

Minor: Computer Engineering

Get to Know Darwin

I am and international student from Panama, and I got a scholarship from the Panama government to study Electrical Engineering, I work in the admissions office as a student ambassador, also, I am in different clubs at Wilkes like friends of Panama club, ultimately frisbee, IEEE chapter and SHPE club, I am going to be a senior and I love playing volleyball and soccer, more volleyball than soccer. My goal is to be very helpful with the nee students and help with the transition to college life.

Why Wilkes?

I am International Student and I got a scholarship and I chose Wilkes university because of the opportunities that are available for the students and international students also, there is a variety of students from many countries and that helps me to get more involved with different cultures and languages. Also, academically I like the personalized classes makes a good environment to learn.

Brian Guzman

Major: Business Management

Get to Know Brian

I am a senior Business Administration major with a minor in Business Analytics. I would like to call myself a fellow New Yorker, but I have already lived in Pennsylvania for more than half my life, and I don't even know how to travel using public transportation in the city. Despite being a commuter, I still like to be actively involved with clubs on campus because I like the feeling of making the school a fun place to be at. It also allows me to make friends, meet new people, and keep myself busy aside from constantly working and doing homework.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes not only because it was close to home, but because of the value I knew I would get from attending this school. Classes feel intimate because of how small they are, and some professors really take the time to get to know their students. With all the clubs that Wilkes has to offer, it is very easy to meet people with the same interest and hobbies. I had no problem fitting in and finding new friends.

Liam Hackett

Major: Corporate Finance

Get to Know Liam

I’m a Corporate Finance Major from Wallenpaupack, PA which is about an hour away from here. I’m an RA in University Towers for the 2023-2024 school year. Outside of class I enjoy going to the gym, playing chess and spending time with my friends. I can’t wait to meet all of you and help you as you transition to college!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because I wanted a small school near my hometown. After two years I can say it’s a lot more than that. Wilkes has given me so many great opportunities with a close knit-community that has helped me to grow both academically and personally.

Matt Haubert

Major: Management

Get to Know Matt

I am a senior Business Management major with a focus on pre-dentistry. I'm From Berwick, PA and graduated from Central Columbia High School. Wilkes is not too close but not too far from my home, which is a reason I decided on Wilkes. I play the trumpet in the Pep-Band, I'm the Captain of the Ultimate Frisbee Team, and this is by second year being an e-Mentor. I look forward to helping new students grow and succeed in the academic and social aspects of their time here at Wilkes.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because Wilkes offers one of the best pre-health programs boasting above 90% acceptance to professional schools. I also liked the idea of smaller class sizes because this allows for more personal connections with the professors and classmates. When I was a first year student, Wilkes had a marching band, unlike the other small colleges I was looking at. The proximity to home was far enough away for me to be in a different environment, but close enough to home in case I needed to visit for a weekend. On campus, I am an e-Mentor, I play the trumpet in the Pep-Band, and I am the Captain of the Wilkes Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Kylie Jayne

Major: Nursing

Get to Know Kylie

Hello, my name is Kylie! I live in the small town of Athens, PA which is farm country. I loved how the campus feels like home and is the perfect size for me. One thing you will learn about me is I love dogs. Wilkes is perfect for me because every day I always see someone walking their dog around or near campus. At Wilkes I am the Community Service Chair for the Student Society of Nurses, a part of the E-mentor team, an Admissions Ambassador, a member of Programming Board, and a member of the Christian Fellowship Club. I love being involved around campus because it makes Wilkes feel more like home as I meet new people who share similar interest as me. I love being an E-mentor and Admissions Ambassador because I love getting to share my love for Wilkes with other people! If you ever see me around campus please do not hesitate to say hi!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the small school atmosphere. The faculty and staff care about the students’ success and about getting to know them personally. Wilkes also provides many social and professional opportunities to keep students entertained while setting them up for a bright future. I love how I always know someone as I walk around campus but still have so many people that I have yet to meet! I am proud to say that I am a Colonel and I love my Wilkes family!

Leah Kubasek

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Secondary Education

Get to Know Leah

I am a senior chemistry major with a minor in secondary education graduating in December of 2023. I'm from Shickshinny, PA and graduated from Greater Nanticoke Area. This fall, I will be student teaching in a local high school chemistry classroom. I chose Wilkes because its close to home and has a wonderful campus & community! Even though I am a commuter, I still love to take part in campus events & gatherings. I am the PLASMA Coordinator of the chemistry club, in which I am in charge of organizing a ton of fun events for our freshmen chemistry & biochemistry students! This will be my third year as an e-mentor and I hope to help new students adjust to the college life and show them all the amazing things Wilkes has to offer.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the multitude of opportunities this school has to offer. It is so easy to become involved, conduct research, and build connections within the community. The small class size and overabundance of clubs and organizations allows for all students to get to know each other and make new friends. Wilkes is not only the perfect place to grow academically, but also socially and developmentally into a mature young adult.

Ben Kubic

Major: History, Secondary Education

Get to Know Ben

I am a junior majoring in both Secondary Education and History. I am from Clarks Summit Pennsylvania, and graduated from Abington Heights High School. I commute roughly 35 minutes to stay close to home. I spend time a lot of time working at Glenmaura Senior Living Center in Moosic, and this will be my first year as an e-mentor. I look forward to helping students with the process of transitioning from high school to college, and showing off all that Wilkes can offer!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of how impressed I was by the education program and how it would prepare me for my future as a teacher. I also like the ability of getting to know professors and classmates at a better level due to the smaller class sizes. Staying close to home was also a factor in me being able to continue working my job and helping out my family.

Abigail Lewis

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Psychology, Chemistry

Get to Know Abigail

Hi, my name is Abby and I grew up in Troy, PA which is about 2 hours northwest of Wilkes-Barre. At Wilkes, I am majoring in Neuroscience and on the pre-PA track. On campus, I am involved in Student Government, Neuroscience club, the Honors program, and Wilkes Adventure Education. Outside of school, I enjoy running, going to the gym, hanging out with my friends, and being outside in the sun.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the close-knit community between the friends and faculty. The smaller class sizes allow professors to know you one-on-one, as well as providing an optimal environment for making new friends. Wilkes has brought me people who I will have lifelong friendships with, and I could not be more thankful. I also chose Wilkes because there are many opportunities that would not have been available in a larger university. Because of these factors, I have been able to grow more than I could have imagined.

Kalei McCourt

Major: Psychology

Get to Know Kalei

I am a Junior psychology major. Although psychology is my current focus, I have been in the biology and computer science majors too! I’m from Berwick, PA and I attended Berwick Area High School. I’m involved in the psychology club as well as other fun activities around campus. This is my first year as an E-mentor and I’m so excited to welcome the incoming freshmen to Wilkes!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because it was close to my support system. I also liked the aspect of small class sizes so I could better get to know my professors and build a good relationship with them. I also enjoy the close-knit campus feeling.

Jake Middleton

Major: Biochemistry

Get to Know Jake

I am a sophomore biochemistry major with interests into the pre-veterinary program at Wilkes. I graduated from Greater Nanticoke Area Highschool even though I am from Plymouth, PA. Wilkes was my top choice when selecting a college because it is close to home, there are small class sizes, and it is full of opportunities. I am a commuter here at Wilkes and I am a member of the chemistry club and I am involved with the intramural wiffleball team, but I hope to join more activities in the future. As a first-time E-Mentor, I hope to help the incoming freshmen assimilate to Wilkes by offering assistance wherever they may need it and to associate them better with campus.

Why Wilkes?

I chose to come to Wilkes because it was close to home and it is a great place for many opportunities. The technology in the science labs is another reason why I wanted to come to Wilkes. Every class is relatively small in size so it easy to gain connections to the professors along with peers.

Gabbie Moore

Major: Political Science

Minor: Legal Studies

Get to Know Gabbie

I am a second-year Political Science major with a minor in Legal Studies on a Pre-Law track! I'm from Erie, Pennsylvania and I graduated from Iroquois Jr/Sr High School. I chose Wilkes because I knew I wanted to go to a small school, and Wilkes had so many wonderful opportunities like the 3+3 J.D. program and a semester in Washington D.C. The school I graduated from was small, so I knew that the college I wanted to go to would also be small to provide personal connections and learning opportunities. I am currently in the Honors Program, Bonner Leader Program, and Barre Scholars Program. I am also a part of the Student Assessment Subcommittee, where I collaborate with other change-makers, review surveys that students fill out, and start considering and implementing the change that students want to see on campus. This is my first year as an e-mentor and I cannot wait to help new students join our Wilkes community!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because it's a small school with big opportunities. There are some amazing people here, and because there's a smaller student body, it is easier to get involved and figure out everything Wilkes offers. The faculty here cares, and it is so much easier to ask questions and get answers in class without a huge lecture hall that's filled. Wilkes is the perfect place to get an upper-level education with a real community.

Gisela Orama

Major: Pharmacy

Minors: Spanish and Psychology

Get to Know Gisela

I am from Wharton, NJ located in Morris County. Wilkes was my first choice school, not only for the impeccable Pharmacy program but also for the home feeling I felt when I visited campus for the first time my Junior year of high school. I will be in my P2 year of Pharmacy this fall semester. I am apart of APHA, PPAG, LKS and am a pharmacist technician at Rite-Aid pharmacy in Pittston. I am super excited for my fourth year as an e-Mentor.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes not only for the great pharmacy program but also because I felt like I was at home as soon as I walked onto campus. I liked the aspect of professors knowing me by my name and not just as a number. I love the diverse community and the numerous activities that are done on campus. I have meet life long friends while being a student at Wilkes. The faculty and staff have supported me from the very start which has helped me grow into the best version of myself.

Esther Orlando

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry, Pre-Med

Get to Know Esther

Hi! My name is Esther, and I am a senior pre-med biology major with a minor in chemistry. I am from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and have lived there my whole life. I decided to come to Wilkes because of their great Biology program, their honors program, and the campus community Wilkes has. Throughout my time at Wilkes, I have been part of the Wilkes Berries Ultimate Frisbee Team, and have taken over the role of President last year. I also play trombone in the Civic and Pep band. I have been a lab ta for different biology labs, have been a Resident Assistant, and I'm a barista at the Starbucks on campus! I am very excited for my first year as an E-mentor, and looking forward to giving my knowledge and excitement about Wilkes to students!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the community feel of campus and how there are so many ways to get connected. Wilkes also has a great biology program with amazing professors and mentors. I love how Wilkes provides spaces for students to focus on their studies, expand their professional career, and enjoy their hobbies!

Emily Purcell

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Dance

Get to Know Emily

I am a senior chemistry major with a minor in dance. I’m from Bloomsburg, PA, and currently work as an Environmental Health and Safety Intern at an Architectural Aluminum Building Products manufacturing plant. Wilkes department of chemistry and biochemistry has provided me with a great group of fellow scientists through the chemistry club, which I am the treasurer of, and professors. I love that throughout my years here, many professors teach both general and upper level chemistry courses, allowing closer professional relationships that lead to senior research opportunities! I am so excited to be an e-mentor and show new students all that you can achieve at Wilkes.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because they allow me to pursue my academic and artistic pursuits. I not only get to conduct senior research along side esteemed chemistry faculty, but also have the opportunity to take dance classes and be an active member in the adventure education program.

Emily Repp

Major: Nursing

Get to Know Emily

Hello everyone! I am from Binghamton NY and graduated from Susquehanna Valley High School in 2020. In high school, I was apart of National Honors Society, Vice President of Spirit Club, secretary of SADD and I was in the band. I also was President of my class! Outside of clubs I played 3 sports and danced for 11 years. I am very excited to enter my second year of cheer and the E-Mentor program on campus. I am entering my Senior year at Wilkes as a Nursing major.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because it felt like home. The opportunities on and off campus are endless and there is lots of room for growth and development. I am so grateful for the relationships and friendships I’ve made here. I’ve grown so much as a person in my three years and can’t wait to continue. In my free time I am most likely hanging with friends and studying. I am an extremely personable person and easy to talk to. If you ever have any questions feel free to reach out. I can’t wait to meet everyone!I chose Wilkes because I wanted to attend a smaller school that felt like home. My sister attended Wilkes so I was already familiar with the campus. I love that I am able to make meaningful connections with classmates and professors due to the small class size. I also love how many opportunities Wilkes offers. There are numerous clubs and extra curricular activities to join, as well as on campus jobs. The possibilities are endless.

Arlyn Rivera

Major: Biology

Get to Know Arlyn

When I turned 18 I received bachelor of science in high school in my home country of Panamá. After the long journey of school I came to America with a scholarship and I am proceeding to study biology to pursue zoology. It has now been a while since I have first came to Wilkes and I have come to enjoy the campus. I give tours at Wilkes as an ambassador and it has taught me how much I enjoy helping people get accustomed to the campus. On the side I love to do research with the university, play soccer and volleyball. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Why Wilkes?

I was sent to Wilkes from Panama due to my scholarship. I didn't have much of a choice at the time but after coming here I have appreciated many things about the campus. I like the diversity you can find at Wilkes, the chance to meet people from everywhere and share experiences. In the end if I was from the area I would have chosen Wilkes anyways.

Maria Rodriguez

Major: Electrical Engineering

Minors: Computer Science and Math

Get to Know Maria

I'm a junior in Electrical engineering with a minor in math and computer science. I grew up and graduated from highschool in Panama. Since I was little I wanted to study abroad, the opportunitty came on 2020 and I ended up in Wilkes University. As you can see I am really far away from home, but the good thing is that Wilkes offers so many opportunities to get involved on campus, meet people and also learn from the american culture so I actually feel like home. I am currently the treasurer of IEEE. I also have a work study job in the admissions office. I'm excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to meet you guys!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes University because from a very young age I wanted to come to study in the United States and it so happened that the president of my country went to my graduation to offer me a full scholarship to Wilkes. Today I am grateful for that opportunity since this university has welcomed me in a very nice way and at the same time, I have made friends that have become family for me.

Matthew Schwarztrauber

Major: Pharmacy

Minor: Chemistry

Get to Know Matthew

I am from the town of Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania, located about an hour north of Wilkes, and this year, I will be a P3 in Wilkes's Nesbitt School of Pharmacy. My familiarity with Wilkes University began when I was a 10th grader first competing in the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science. In the years following, I recognized the academic reputation of the University and its enjoyable environment and chose to study here. In my time at Wilkes, I have been a member of several organizations, including the Chemistry Club, the Honors Program, and I am involved in several pharmacy clubs/organizations. In 2022 and 2023, I had the opportunity to participate in research projects involving using a natural product to treat melanoma cells, writing a review paper on natural compounds and their effects on breast cancer, and a pilot study on patient opinions on in-home vaccinations. Outside of my academic life, I enjoy superhero and space based movies and TV shows (and others of course), I value spending time with friends, and I have helped ensure the function and beauty of a sheep farm near my home for several years. This is my third year as an e-Mentor, and I am excited to meet you and see what the year has to bring!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the countless opportunities to expand my knowledge, skills, and interests. Wilkes students have done so much good in the community and around campus that I could not help but want to join in the Wilkes Community. Since becoming part of campus life, I have become involved in so many campus activities and have met so many great people, and I have developed for the better as a result.

Morganne Seitz

Major: Pharmacy

Get to Know Morganne

Hi everyone! My name is Morganne Seitz and I am a P2 (senior) pharmacy student. I’m from York, PA and I graduated from Spring Grove Area High School. I chose Wilkes because of the pharmacy program and the ability to also pursue my other passions outside of my major! In addition to being an E-Mentor, I am a member of the Chamber Orchestra, Pep Band, Civic Band, and Jazz Ensemble. I am involved with a few pharmacy clubs, I am Vice Present of Membership for Kappa Kappa Psi, and I also have a work-study job in the Darte Center music library. Outside of school, I have been able to get involved in local musical groups, which is a great example of the opportunities that Wilkes has provided me outside of being a pharmacy student! I am excited to welcome you all to campus and see what this year has in store!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the pharmacy program and because I knew about the other opportunities that I could pursue outside of my major. The pharmacy program drew me in because of the amazing faculty and small class sizes. I also chose Wilkes because of the music program and the opportunities that I've had to play with a variety of music groups, on and off campus. Wilkes has become such a home to me because of the programs that I’m involved it and I know these are experiences that I couldn’t find anywhere else. Everything that I have been able to do on campus has introduced me to some of my best friends and I have gained so much experience as a student and a musician.

Daphne Shencavitz

Major: Biochemistry

Minor: Pre-Vet, minor in Mathematics

Get to Know Daphne

I am a senior Biochemistry major with a focus on Pre-Veterinary Medicine and a minor in Mathematics from Long Island, NY. Wilkes was a perfect match for me. Being from out of state, it was a little nerve-racking moving away from home and knowing no one, but campus life makes it difficult to not feel right at home. It is so easy to find a club relating to something you love. For me, it's the Chemistry Club. I am the current President of the Chemistry Club and also a member of the Programming Board's Gen Board. Outside of classes and clubs, I love crafts, music, and hanging out in the Chem Lounge. I am super excited to be an e-Mentor again this year and cannot wait to meet you all!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of all the opportunities it offered me. Starting freshman year, I was able to get involved in clubs that interested me, and even hold an officer position in one of them. The small class size allowed me to form connections with my professors and peers early on. The combination of this and the lively campus created by clubs and their events create an atmosphere that I am so happy to be a part of.

Morgan Steiner

Majors: Political Science, International Relations, and History

Minors: Legal Studies, Women & Gender Studies, and Global Cultures

Get to Know Morgan

Hi Folks! I am a Junior here at Wilkes University. This is my second year as an e-Mentor and I'm so excited to take on the role of Orientation Coordinator! I grew up about an hour from Wilkes in Moscow, PA, but now I live in Wilkes-Barre. I chose Wilkes because of the amazing opportunities and close-knit community. Other than being an e-Mentor, I'm also an Honors Peer Mentor, an RA in Evans Hall, a member of Programming Board, UNICEF Club, and University Chorus, Director of Marketing for HPSC, President of the GSA, and a Presidential Student Leader. When I'm not on campus, I work as a waitress and in retail and love reading, spending time with my friends, and playing video games! I love attending and helping out at on-campus events. I'm so excited to meet and work with everyone!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the close-knit community. I've had so many opportunities both in academics and extracurriculars that I never could have imagined, but Wilkes makes it possible! I've made so many amazing friends and the staff and faculty are so supportive and always willing to work with me. There are so many fun activities on campus and so much to do in Wilkes-Barre I'm so glad I chose Wilkes!

Ryu Torres

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Get to Know Ryu

I major in Mechanical engineering. I am from Wilkes-Barre PA, and am graduated from Wilkes Barre Area Highschool. Wilkes is a very great place to attend, and there is always something going on around campus. I navigated through this first year by myself, and hope to assist new freshmen so that you may have an exciting first year.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because it is very close to commute to. Since coming hear, I believe I have grown both academically and socially. I think it's really easy to get involved with both the university and students.

Kimberly Wheeler

Major: Pharmacy

Get to Know Kimberly

I am a junior (P1) Pharmacy major and I am from Athens, PA. I chose Wilkes because of the at home feel that campus offers and the amazing pharmacy program! Around campus I currently serve as Programming Board President and get to plan fun events for the campus community every Thursday! This will be my first year as an e-mentor and I can’t wait to help the incoming students feel at home and have a great time at Wilkes!

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because of the amazing Pharmacy program that is offered and the at home feeling the campus gives. It was very easy for me to find my place on campus because so many opportunities were given to me! I continue to grow every day because of the bright and fun atmosphere at Wilkes!

Daniel Williams

Major: BS in Mechanical Engineering

Get to Know Daniel

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Williams I am a sophomore majoring in mechanical engineering. I am from Blue Bell, PA which is about 1 hour and 40 minutes away from Wilkes. On campus I spend my time helping the Baja club and going on trips with the Wilkes Adventure Education club. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, biking, salt-water fishing, boating, hunting, camping and just about anything else outdoors. This will be my first year as an E-Mentor.

Why Wilkes?

I chose Wilkes because they had the engineering program, location, and clubs I wanted. The campus is a nice place to walk. I enjoy all the hiking trips and other outdoor activities that the Wilkes Adventure Education club does.

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