Leadership Rock Wall and Ropes Course

Rock Wall & Ropes Course

The Step Up Rock Wall and Ropes Course offers experiential learning experiences to Wilkes University students, faculty, staff and local high school students. There are a wide variety of programs that focus on teamwork, communication, goal setting, problem solving, conflict resolution, trust building, group bonding, leadership, mentoring as well as individual and cultural similarities and differences. The course is a great tool that fosters personal and professional development. The course itself is housed in the Simms Center.

The facilitators of the Step Up Rock Wall and Ropes Course are Wilkes University staff, faculty and student leaders. The Step Up staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences that enhances our program and helps to design our initiatives which enables us to make each groups’ experiences unique. The staff is trained and certified through EdVenture Builders, and as part of the training and certification the staff must complete all of the low and high elements. The staff knows first hand what challenges arise and they have the ability to relate to each person who participates in the course.

Reservations for the course are to be made at least four weeks in advance to ensure a detailed agenda, the correct amount of staff and that all forms are filled out and returned to Wilkes University. The group must fill out a Course Registration Form and each participant must fill out a medical waiver that will be provided by Wilkes University. If you have any questions, please contact Jill Price at jill.price@wilkes.edu or at 570-408-4055.